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Casual Keyboards LIVE (#13) – Songwriting on Yamaha PSR SX-900 with Chris Hammond

Chris Hammond
Aug 2021 | 228 views

Today, @chrisonpiano will be showing how the Yamaha PSR SX-900 can be used as a songwriting tool. Specifically, using the Chord Looper feature to create a chord sequence. He also covers recording your song, changing the style variations during playback, using different styles with the same chords, using the mixer to re-voice instruments, and how to use the Live Control knobs with Style Track Mute.

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  • Hello, your videos are very useful and I will catch up with the rest of the episodes. I’d like to know how to resave and a compliment style and or song once parameters have been changed including panning volume re-voicing et cetera. I have attempted to resave a song or style. However it’s undoes all the change parameters and therefore resets it to the original settings without saving the new settings.

    Regards Rickie here in the West Midlands

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