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Casual Keyboards LIVE (#2) – Yamaha Genos tips and tricks

David Cooper
Jul 2021 | 756 views

David will be covering some recent questions from our Genos customers. Taking your questions live and offering some tips and tricks with the Yamaha Genos workstations. If you have any questions that you’d like us to cover, then just email sales@epianos.co.uk and we’ll do our best to include the answer in the Livestream

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  • I’ve just finished catching up on #1 and found it to be most informative, I’ll be back doing it all again for #2 today.
    Unfortunately I can’t watch it live but I do have a question for my Genos …..I’ve tried locking down the assign keys when assigned fade in/out to assign button F but some registration remove this back to default, I can’t understand this as it doesn’t happen with all my registrations….am I saving something with the registrations that cause the assigned key to revert?

    Not a major problem as I tend to press the assigned button to fade in on my first tune and if it comes up with an error I can re-programme it but it gets awkward when it changes again after I’ve bee playing for a while.

    Any recommendations would be helpful

    Keep up the good work with the weekly live stuff….I thoroughly enjoyed No1

  • I think you and Chris do a first class job when presenting information on tyros and genos keyboards. Regards B Taylor owner of a tyros 5 bought from yourselves.

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