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The ePianos Product handbook™

An exclusive collection of digitally-accessible guides for your piano - created by our experts.

The Handbooks

What are they?

The ePianos Product Handbooks™ are an exclusive digitally-accessible guide to the Yamaha Arius & CLP range of digital pianos*, crafted by our experts who have over 30 years of experience in the industry.

With 40 illustrated pages of instructions and tips and an hour (approx) of detailed tutorial videos, these superb handbooks will help you unlock the full potential of your instrument and take your playing to the next level.

The Benefits

Why Do I need a handbook?

While the manufacturer-supplied manual contains a lot of jargon-heavy language that can be difficult to understand, the ePianos Product Handbook™ offers easy-to-follow explanations that can help you discover how the features & functions of your digital piano can benefit your playing.

In short, the ePianos Product Handbook is a valuable resource that can enhance your overall experience with your digital piano by providing clear and practical advice.

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What's included?

From building your piano to learning the basic controls, we’ve got you covered on the fundamentals. Then, we help you take your next steps by guiding you through how to craft your perfect piano sound, mixing voices effectively, recording your performances, connecting a smart device, and much more.

Additionally, the ePianos Product Handbook™ includes a series of ‘Expert’s Tips’ that offer insights and advice, such as ideal settings for the stunning piano voices, combining sounds for cinematic and orchestral performances, and other tips and tricks used by industry professionals.

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Is this help available anywhere else?

No, the ePianos Product Handbook™ is exclusively available to ePianos customers and cannot be found anywhere else online. This exclusive resource provides tailored advice and guidance specifically for Yamaha digital piano owners.

Unlike general music shops, our expertise is solely focused on digital pianos, so you can trust that our advice is informed and thorough. Don’t settle for generic advice from stores with limited expertise – choose the ePianos Product Handbook™ for practical, insightful guidance.

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Expert Tips

Learn from the Masters

With The ePianos Product Handbook™, you’ll have the guidance of dedicated digital piano experts at your fingertips. Invest in your playing and get better value for your investment. Buy The ePianos Product Handbook™ today and start experiencing the full potential of your digital piano!

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