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Upgrade to an Orla RS620 EU

Upgrade to an Orla RS620 EU!– Our Lowest cost to Upgrade Ever! CALL US ON 0191 257 1666 Following Orla’s collaboration with Ringway, the RS620 was launched and the neat, contemporary, very compact organ has become a big hit. Current Price £1,699 Orla RS620 EU Highlights & Features At only 18 inches deep and 44 […]

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Ringway Organs

THE ORLA RINGWAY ORGAN STORY By Paul Cook The Ringway Organisation in China (topical) is a huge electronics company that produces literally anything electrical for hundreds of customers. From toasters to computer components, they’re at the forefront of the electronic world.  When the cost of production in Italy became so high, and with dwindling sales throughout […]

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Well ‘ORGAN-ISED’ by Paul Cook

WELL ‘ORGAN-ISED’ ‘Ramblings from Home’ I remember my father’s grey column change Bedford Dormobile van swinging into Stonebridge Road one evening after his long day’s work at the council tip. You see, the song ‘My old man’s a Dustman’ has a very special connotation to me because my father drove the Bulldozer at the local […]

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ORGAN CORNER #14 | Lowrey Prestige Organ Demonstration

BUY this Preowned Lowrey including FREE UK mainland delivery by clicking here. In this episode of Organ Corner David shows us the mighty Lowrey Prestige. He talks us through the glorious style of the cabinet, the easy-to-use panel, and the enormous collection of preset styles and sounds. The big question is: Do you have room […]

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ORGAN CORNER #13 | Orla Ringway RS620eu Organ Demonstration

BUY THE Preowned RS620eu HERE:… In this episode of Organ Corner David shows us the wonderful Orla Ringway RS620eu. He takes a look through the vast library of registrations that all come built-in and on the memory stick from Whitley Bay Organs which gives you access to even more. Browse our huge selection of […]

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Organ Corner #12 | Orla Grande Theatre

Upgrade to an Orla Grande Theatre Our lowest cost to upgrade ever! Was £2199 – NOW ONLY £1799 Find your price to change, including a 12 months warranty and home delivery, on our chart below and call 0191 257 1666 today. The Grande Theatre organ is the flagship of the Orla Range and represents the […]

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Organ Corner #3 – Roland Atelier AT80SL

(See David’s full demonstration video at the end of this article) David’s odyssey into our organ showroom continues with the Roland Atelier AT80SL. This really is a powerful organ and the cabinet housing is really luxurious. It has a gorgeous dark walnut cabinet, a nicely back-lit control panel and large, clear, easy-to-use colour touch screen. […]

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Organ Corner #2 – Roland AT90

(See David’s full video at the end of this article) David was particularly excited about covering this organ. The Roland AT series really are mighty instruments and so popular amongst organ aficionados. Roland have a fine reputation for the quality of their traditional style organs and integrating more modern technology. Very large, colour coded buttons […]

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Organ Corner #1 – Lowrey Prestige

This week David has got hands on with the magnificent Lowrey Prestige. A truly phenomenal instrument which would look ideal in your living room wouldn’t it? Categories for preset sounds make it so easy to use, switching between settings is a easy as pressing a button. A fabulous feature is the Songlist which allows you […]

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Important Notes

In order to maximise ventilation, we are using our store foyer for demonstrations. The space restriction of our foyer area means that we are able to offer the demonstration of up to three upright digital pianos at any one time, so on booking, we will clarify with you which models you are interested in seeing and/or assist with your choices if necessary.

We are asking that, upon arrival, all customers (who are medically able to) wear a face mask for the duration of their visit. We will also provide sanitising hand gel which we will ask you to apply. The NHS Track and Trace scanning code will also be available.

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We offer competitive part-exchange values, and we also buy digital pianos, keyboards and organs for cash.

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