Did you watch my Genos Livestream broadcast?

David Cooper

On Tuesday afternoon I hosted a Livestream video showing tips and tricks on the Yamaha Genos keyboard and spoke with the viewers as they left comments and asked questions. It proved to be a big success and very popular with our Genos owners community. Don’t worry if you missed it, because you can watch the entire 1 hour and 25-minute show by clicking the video below. Remember though, what you watch below is a playback of the live event, so I can’t interact with you! But you can leave comments and questions below the video which we respond to.

1hr 25m
Casual Keyboards LIVE (#2) – Yamaha Genos tips and tricks

Watch David host "Casual Tuesday #1 - LIVE Tips and tricks on the Yamaha Genos"

We are just beginning to do Livestream videos here at ePianos, and we hope to schedule many more of them soon. If you would like to be notified of when the next live video is happening then make sure you are signed up to receive our weekly newsletter email here. (If you’ve just received an email from us, then you don’t need to sign up).


Chris hosted a test broadcast a couple of weeks ago on the Yamaha PSR SX-700/900 keyboards which you can watch below. He covered several topics that will be relevant for Genos owners, as the two keyboards use the same operating system.

Casual Keyboards LIVE (#1) – Yamaha PSR SX-700/900 tips and tricks with @chrisonpiano

Watch Chris's live test broadcast showing tips and tricks on the Yamaha PSR SX-700/900 keyboards.

If there are any particular functions or features that you would like us to cover in future live stream videos, then please email us on or use our contact form by clicking here. We rely on you for giving us the material for our videos and we appreciate your support! The Livestream videos are proving to a great way to feel connected with our customers at a time where visits to the shop are somewhat restricted due to covid. (You are able to book appointments to visit us by the way!).

Featured in this post

You may, or may not know, that we already have a huge selection of ‘Genos Tipsters’ tutorial videos which are available to watch on ePianosTV by clicking here. And we also sell the most comprehensive guide on how to use the Yamaha Genos keyboard: The Genos Tipsters Information Guide, which featured over 200 pages of written guides and 10 hours of DVD videos. (Also available in individual parts, and as a download version for instant access here)

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch my Livestream video. It was fun to speak with so many of you watching from all around the world. And your questions have given us lots to work on for the next session. We will see you all again soon!


David Cooper Owner
David has been involved with music retail for over 30 years and has watched his business grow from strength to strength, once running a hugely successful general music store to now operating one of the UK's leading specialists for digital pianos, keyboards, and used organs.
  • Thanks David,
    Missed the first one live , caught up with it via newsletter email.
    I really miss the “Yamaha / Tyros/Genos club you had in the old shop,
    I learned a lot and enjoyed playing. This is a good way to replace that club
    and enhance the community. I will be away for next Tuesday, so hoping I
    can access it via the newsletter again.
    Brilliant. Well done David and Chris.
    Pete Rigby. Daventry. Proud Genos owner

  • Hi David

    I didn’t watch the livestream but looked at the recording. Excellent looking forward to the next one on the 13th.

    Thank you


  • Hi David

    Just returned from holiday so first chance I have had to watch your broadcast. Like Peter said above, I also very much enjoyed the events you hosted in your old shop so thank you for bringing this back in the new format. Really enjoyed it and some very useful tips, looking forward to watching the next one. Please keep them coming.

    Thank you

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