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What is Piano Room on Yamaha DGX670?

First of all, Piano Room, what is it? I’d think of it as the emergency ‘Just go back to a piano’ button. There are loads of great functions on the DGX670 and this is just one of them. If you hit the button on the front panel that is shaped, funnily enough, like a piano, […]

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Top 3 Yamaha Pianos For The Sitting Room

If you’re hearing the term ‘digital piano’ for the first time, images of large, clunky, spaceship-looking & not-so-piano-like visions may spring to mind. However, I’d like to confirm before we move on that this is not the case. Although a relatively new creation (the first ‘electric piano’ was invented in the late 70s, compared to […]

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The Piano Player set up you WISH you had during lockdown!

Amidst the various lockdowns over the past year, we’ve been offered glimpses into the secret lives of celebrities homes & popstar studio set-ups during TV interviews & live streams, as we all adapt to a fresh way of continuing the creation of content. I’ve been quite envious of some peoples set ups, namely John Legend’s […]

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Using the playlist feature on the CVP series

Whenever you save your registrations into registration banks they are all kept in the registration banks with their names alphabetically listed- but the playlist feature allows you to group together songs that you want to maybe play in a medley, or together- I would suggest keeping Christmas carols together, or waltzes or singalong songs grouped […]

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How to mix voices on the Yamaha Tyros 5

Perhaps a Flute with a nice mellow piano playing a soft melody together, like Tchaikovsky’s ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ with the strings to accompany. Or a swing jazz trio with the upright bass, the Rhodes electric keyboard and the drums… well, wonder no more! Because with the Yamaha Tyros 5, you can do just that, […]

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What you need to know before buying a Yamaha DGX670

Firstly, and this might surprise you. The Yamaha DGX670 is not controlled with a touchscreen as many of Yamaha’s keyboards now are. With DGX670 you navigate your way around the various features and functions by using physical buttons around the screen, and the data entry wheel. This doesn’t detract from the capabilities of this keyboard, […]

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Firmware updates for Yamaha pianos and keyboards

What is a Firmware Update? A firmware update is exactly what it sounds like; an update for your firmware. But what does that actually mean? Firmware is essentially the digital side of these instruments – what you see on the screen, the buttons, and the functionality that comes with them. Firmware updates are changes that […]

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What are Unison and Adaptive styles on Yamaha DGX670?

The Unison and Adaptive styles on the new Yamaha DGX-670 piano are moving the experience of playing alone at home (or in your shed!) closer to playing with real people in a band. In previous versions, the accompaniments were very good, but they had a certain robotic character to them and a lot of button […]

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Yamaha DGX670 long play in the shed (part 1)

I promised myself that I wouldn’t play the Yamaha DGX670 until I had all the cameras set up ready to record. I wanted to document my learning experience during my first long play on this piano. Whoooosh! That all went out of the window when I made the terrible mistake of noodling a few notes […]

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We’ve missed you! Book an in-store demonstration with us today.

In line with the latest Government guidance regarding the control of the spread of the Covid 19 virus, we are pleased to announce the re-introduction of customer visits to our store.

Should you wish to visit us, we are asking that you get in touch to make a booking in advance by contacting us either via email on or by phone on (01295) 266 788, or by using the form at the bottom of this page.

This way, we can ensure the safety of both you and our staff, by limiting the number of people present in one space at any time.

Important Notes

In order to maximise ventilation, we are using our store foyer for demonstrations. The space restriction of our foyer area means that we are able to offer the demonstration of up to three upright digital pianos at any one time, so on booking, we will clarify with you which models you are interested in seeing and/or assist with your choices if necessary.

We are asking that, upon arrival, all customers (who are medically able to) wear a face mask for the duration of their visit. We will also provide sanitising hand gel which we will ask you to apply. The NHS Track and Trace scanning code will also be available.

Click & collect from our warehouse in Banbury is still available – please enquire on or by phone on (01295) 266 788 to make arrangements to use this service.

Part-exchange / sell

We offer competitive part-exchange values, and we also buy digital pianos, keyboards and organs for cash.

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