Yamaha PSR SX700 Keyboard Walkaround Guide

Chris Hammond

So, today we’re going to have a close up look at the brand new Yamaha PSR SX700 keyboard – it looks fantastic and I can’t wait to hear it in action.

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Now the new Yamaha SX range is incredible. Yamaha have yet again made two fantastic instruments. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the SX700 and have a full, close up look at them before they got to us in store.




The SX700 is so lightweight and really compact and has built in speakers which is perfect if you’re a gigging musician and need to transport your instrument around with you. It’ll go under your arm, no trouble at all and you don’t even need to worry about external speakers.

Image result for psr sx700Looking at it, it’s clear it’s a bit like a mini Genos keyboard, and there are certainly lots of similarities. The operating system is actually exactly the same as the Yamaha Genos so if you’re familiar with the way they work; it’s so easy, so user friendly… we do have lots of Genos videos too if you’re not familiar with the Genos and want to learn more make sure you check those out too!

The SX900 has a touch screen!! Awesome. It’s the way things are going now so if you’re used to an ipad/tablet, this will feel so familiar too you and it makes it so easy to get around. Definitely a huge step up from the previous range.

The SX700 has a new 61 note keyboard, the touch and response of the keys has been improved since the previous S series range and it is brilliant. It is the FSB keyboard and is fully touch sensitive, just like a real piano, you can really feel the differences in the light and shade, hard and soft parts of your playing.

The SX700 is jam packed with voices and styles – so you will no doubt have plenty to keep you entertained and inspired. There are over 900 voices to choose from and 131 of those are called Super Articulation voices – these are really high quality sounds, the ones where you hear all the intricacies of the instruments – the breath of the sax, the fret noise of a guitar, the slide of a brass instrument, it’s really inspiring to play around with and yet again Yamaha have delivered and given you some professional quality voices to experience.

There are 400 styles on the SX700 so again you’ll be spending hours and hours sifting through and playing your favourite songs. Like the Genos, you can create lists of all your favourites using any of the 8 registration memory buttons using the playlist – it’s a very simple way of storing your favourite settings and it’s all editable so you can rename, re-order and re-edit whenever you like.

Yamaha are very good at listening to their customers and these next features are really helpful. You can now have 3 voices playing at once – on the previous range you were limited to two voices but having the third really makes all the difference. I particularly like the Bosendorfer Piano with a nice Synth pad and and acoustic guitar… add some reverb and it sounds beautiful!

The memory on the SX700 is huge too… 400mb which means you have plenty of room to save songs and registrations.

The line out on the back of the keyboard allows for super high quality audio output so if you are thinking of using external speakers, you’re not going to be loosing any quality whatsoever.

As you can tell… there’s LOADS to talk about it. This new SX range is really brilliant and I think Yamaha have made something really special here with the SX700.

We are going to be looking at both the SX700 and the SX900 keyboards in much more detail in other videos so please keep an eye out for those… make sure you hit the subscribe button, give this video a like – if you have a question, simply drop us an email… otherwise, we’ll see you soon!

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