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The Yamaha SX and Genos just got better

The last firmware updates from Yamaha


Yamaha is brilliant when it comes to rolling out new updates for their existing models, and we’re here to welcome the 2.10 update with open arms! Best of all it’s free! But what does this update actually do? Well, there are three main components to this update. Allow me to shine a light on the subject.

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To update your Genos or SX, see our instructions here

How to update Yamaha Genos firmware

David explains how to update your firmware on the Yamaha Genos workstation

Tempo – Firstly, tempo adjustments can now be made from the home screen! This makes editing the bpm’s of styles and metronomes much less fiddly. Just simply use the main jog wheel when you have tempo selected to increase or decrease the speed! Handy, am I right?

Selectable dial behaviour – Secondly, you can now select if you want the data dial to automatically load content when you have it highlighted, or if you want it to be loaded after you press ‘Enter’. This is just another way to protect against altering settings without meaning to. This feature gives you an extra step to think about what you are changing.

Longer Style Creator options –  Instead of just 32 bars we now have a whopping 128 bars to add to our homemade Styles. This change will allow more creativity when making new Styles in the Style Creator section, potentially meaning that some well-known songs can be made very accurately.


Remember, it’s not totally essential to upgrade your keyboard’s firmware unless you’re particularly interested in the new functions that it brings. So don’t feel that this change is mandatory. Plus, when a newer version comes out, it always includes the previous versions within it, so you can skip a few and not have to update each one in turn.

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Adam Video Editor
Adam is part of the ePianos sales and technical support team. He also helps out with our video production.
  • Hi, From early 1980 to early I was taken on as accredited Reviewer by ” Keyboard Review ” magazine to review Yamaha Organs and accessories ( and Wersi ). It was sometimes said I never criticised Yamaha and that was largely true . I have now had ` Genos` for a year and played it out in the Village when `Professionals ” could not perform inside Concerts , unfortunately . But , and I am just about to write to Yamaha and tell them , bearing in mind the £4000 cost and alleged `improvements, I am largely underwhelmed !!
    For instance, display in fixed position, calling up preset tunes ( instead of simple spinning wheel. BUT worst of al and causing me to have to swap to rival- losing money i the process – is the ridiculously small, narrow connector wire between the Keyboard and the Bass speaker / Processor .without which the `Genos` will not function . To try and connect the mini pins. This is is acutely difficult and for someone `gigging `and up against time constraints is a completely unnecessary . And costs £75 already to replace !!
    So, I`m turning to the opposition – what a shame .
    Graham Anderson

    1. I completely agree with you i have had the same problem, in the past, i put mine down to age and eyesight
      but i think that this is something Yamaha shod look into i myself don’t gig as much now
      but i love my Genos.

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