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How to upgrade your Firmware

Yamaha Genos
Yamaha SX900 - PSR-SX900
SX Series

For Genos and SX Series

The firmware update is free from Yamaha. If you would find it helpful, you can purchase a ‘pre-loaded’ USB from us with printed instructions for only £19.99

You can purchase our USB here

(This will come with instructions)


Download the update for Genos

Download the update for SX Series

(And follow the instructions below)

You may want to consider backing up all of your personal registrations, styles, etc before conducting this update.

We will split the instructions into two parts, one will be if you are downloading the update yourself from home; the other is if you have purchased our USB and are just administering the update to your instrument.

Here’s how to download the update yourself!

Step 1 – Click the orange box above to go to the ‘Yamaha’ website to find the update.

Step 2 – Download the firmware that is appropriate to your model. Click the purple box that says ‘genos_v210.zip’.

Step 3 – Connect the USB flash drive to your computer.

Step 4 – Find the file ending in .prg (downloads) and copy it over to your USB flash drive. This can be done by left-clicking the file and dragging it over to your USB icon.

Step 5 – Ensure that all other USB’s are unplugged from the instrument (Genos located at the bottom of the model). The only USB that should be plugged in is the one containing the firmware update.

Here’s how to update if you purchased our USB stick!

Step 1 – Connect the USB flash drive to the instrument.

Step 2 – Now it’s time to install the update!

(If you got your Genos from us, you will need to unscrew the bottom panel and take out Genos tipsters USB. This is so the instrument reads the USB with the firmware only. On SX, there is no bottom panel)

Step 3 – Turn the instrument off!

Step 4 – In the Style control section, hold the ‘Start/ Stop’ button on the panel when powering up the keyboard.

Step 5 – Follow the onscreen message

Step 6 – When the installation is complete, press the power button to turn it off. When you next turn the instrument on, the firmware will be installed and ready to go!

Step 7 – Remember to place our Genos Tipsters USB back in the bottom panel for access to all the extra content we loaded in for you.