Organ Corner #2 – Roland AT90

Chris Hammond

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David was particularly excited about covering this organ. The Roland AT series really are mighty instruments and so popular amongst organ aficionados. Roland have a fine reputation for the quality of their traditional style organs and integrating more modern technology.

Very large, colour coded buttons are divided into various functions and designed to be used ‘on the fly’ as it were. This is a theme repeated the other Rolands in the range to allow even entry level players the chance to upgrade as they go along and improve.

The pedal keyboard is of a 25-note, full-scale design. Two pedal bass part sounds are provided, enabling the layering of sounds.

A large selection of Organ Sounds are included, including pipe organ, theatre organ, and jazz organ sounds. In addition, dedicated footage buttons allow you to combine sounds of differing :pitches to produce a richer tone.

In addition to its diverse organ voices, the ATELIER-R series instruments also offer unique vocals, such as “Jazz Scat,” and vocalised phrases such as “Amen.”

There is a very handy ‘auto harmony’ feature which automatically adds harmony to what is played on the upper keyboard. This allows you to easily add harmonic richness to your playing and create a more impressive performance.

The AT-90R contains 148 different Rhythms so you can enjoy playing along with the Rhythms of a variety of musical genres. In addition, the Arranger function lets you play an Automatic Accompaniment suitable for the Rhythm simply by using the Lower keyboard to specify a chord.

The AT-90R features a 76-note lower keyboard with initial touch capable of conveying every dynamic nuance of your playing, plus a damper pedal-ideal for when you want to use expressive piano-style playing techniques.

The expansive 76-note keyboard can be split into two or more sections, allowing you to independently play a solo voice, pedal bass voice, or percussion for even more expressive possibilities. Since the lower keyboard can be divided into up to four parts, the lower keyboard can function essentially as four lower keyboards.

The Manual Drums function lets you play drum sounds or sound effects across the entire lower keyboard.

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