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Best Digital Pianos to give at Christmas 2021

The weather is starting to get colder...

best digital piano 2021
Chris Hammond

If you’re planning on treating yourself or a loved one to a Piano this Christmas then this blog is for you! It’s our shortlist of the best digital pianos in 2021.

Yes, I know it feels like summer has only just ended, but this year, in particular, it’s worth planning ahead for Christmas. So let us be your guide…

Firstly, let’s consider your budget. It really is an important factor when you’re in the market for a digital piano, and to get maximum value for money, you need to spend wisely.

Also, you should also seriously consider buying preowned, as it usually costs less and there are some real bargains to be had. Check out our own selection of preowned digital pianos and keyboards by clicking here.

Now, let’s take a look at your options for Christmas…

£100 – £300

Perfect for kids or complete beginners.

With this type of budget, you’re able to get a keyboard that is good quality and sounds, to the untrained ear, just like the real thing.

It’s plenty for say, a child under 10, who is showing an interest in playing to get started on to see if they might take it further.

Don’t expect to be ‘buying once’ at this type of price though because although the sound may be convincing the touch of the keys will not have that authentic piano feel to them. We call these ‘weighted keys’, and pianos/keyboards of this budget will not have weighted keys.

Most piano teachers will eventually recommend that beginners shift onto weighted keys so they can develop the appropriate muscle memory in their fingers and they become accustomed to how a ‘real’ piano feels. Here are our recommendations for this budget range:

Yamaha Remie PSS E30
Save 18%
Ideal for children aged under 8
Yamaha NP12
For children aged 10+ this is a good starter piano
Yamaha NP32
Adult version of the NP-12 with more keys for wider scope

£300 – £600

Ideal for those people who are committed to learning.

In this budget range, we start to see models that have those all-important weighted keys.

There is also a big improvement in the richness of the sounds as the amplifier and speakers are of better quality. These types of pianos are ideal for ages 10+ who might be beginning formal lessons within the next few years.

See our recommendations below:

Korg B2
A great piano-style touch and portable too
Yamaha P45
Yamaha’s world-leading piano technology at an affordable price
Korg SP280
Many practical and fun features plus a stylish design

Have you seen our Product videos?

At ePianos and Whitley Bay our mission is simple. We strive to help our customers enjoy playing as much as we do. We help you choose the best instrument, and make sure you to get the best experience out of it, with free product videos to help you make the right choice.

Watch EPTV

£600 – £1000

For players with good experience.

We begin to see some premium features as we move into this range.

This means high-definition sound sampling and genuine authenticity within the key mechanisms. These two things, in particular, give you the ability to express yourself more.

Think of a budding painter being given access to more shades of colour. They will have instantly improved their ability to use light and shade for effect. It works in a similar way with the improved sound in these pianos.

Yamaha P125
The world’s best selling portable piano
Yamaha SX600
Save 29%
No weighted keys but so many options for creative types
Yamaha YDPS34
Modern slimline design with pedals and cabinet.
Yamaha YDP164
High-spec piano sound with traditional cabinet design


The perfect option for players that deserve the very best

For the mums and dads out there: This is the type of price range where you will most likely ‘buy once’.

That’s to say your child will have (hopefully) moved out and become financially self-sufficient before they need to upgrade to a better piano! For adults who are buying for themselves, you can expect this type of piano to be with you for many years to come and you shouldn’t feel the need to upgrade – (Unless you really, REALLY practice a lot).

Korg G1b Air
Stylish slim-line cabinet, full pedal setup, and gorgeous simplicity
Yamaha P515
Premium wooden keys and world-class speakers. Portable too!
Yamaha CLP735
The first in Yamaha’s legendary digital piano range
Yamaha CSP170
Superb blending of traditional pianos with modern technology like tablets/smartphones
Yamaha CVP805
World-leading technology in touch and sound with unlimited creative possibilities. (I want one).

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