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Best Digital Piano with Weighted Keys October 2021

With such a large choice out there, what have the experts picked?

Yamaha CLP735 Review
Best Digital Piano with Weighted Keys October 2021
David Cooper

It’s no secret there’s a HUGE amount of choice when it comes to picking a Digital Piano with weighted keys. To help you choose, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 top choices as the summer of 2021 comes to a close.

Let’s jump right into it – We’ve chosen a model we love for various budgets, so hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that suits you.

Less than £500

Korg B2

Our favorite digital piano with weighted keys under £500 is the Korg B2. We have no hesitation recommending this to anyone as it is a fantastic all-rounder with fully weighted piano-style keys, 12 sounds, and superb built-in speakers that are perfect for home-usage.

The Korg B2 is able to capture the enormous tonal range of a grand piano, which really impressed us.

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£500 – £2000

Yamaha CLP-735

The next level up has to go to the Yamaha Clavinova CLP Series. Specifically, the CLP-735. It takes digital piano playing experience a few steps further with the additional features such as Virtual Resonance Modelling, so it closely mimics a grand piano with painstaking attention to detail, even down to how it reacts if you accidentally leave a music book on some keys whilst you’re playing!

Yamaha CLP-725 piano | A professional piano teacher’s opinion

Helen Porter gives her thoughts on the CLP-725 from Yamaha

But don’t take it from us! We asked Helen Porter, a local acoustic piano teacher, to come to the store and let us know what she thought of the CLP-735’s little brother, the CLP725. Watch the video above.

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Yamaha AvantGrand NU1X

If this is more your budget then you’re really in for a treat. The Yamaha NU1X Hybrid not only looks stunning but sounds incredible, and is unrivalled when it comes to authentically reproducing the touch of a traditional piano.

This hybrid digital/acoustic model has proven very popular amongst piano purists for its highly accurate piano response, and it’s classic cabinet design.

Chris has made a video to show you what makes the NU1X so special. Check it out above.

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If you are still having trouble deciding, then why not try our piano chooser? A quick and easy way to find a piano that best fits your needs! Simply click ‘Take the quiz’!

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