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Yamaha SX900 vs Yamaha SX700 | Comparison & Review

Yamaha SX900
Chris Hammond

Yamaha has replaced their ‘S Series’ range of keyboards with the brand new Yamaha ‘SX’ series.

In the most basic terms, I am now going to list some of the main differences between the new Yamaha keyboard releases, the Yamaha PSR SX900 and the SX700.

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We’ll begin by directly comparing the Yamaha SX900 and SX700, and later we’ll compare the SX900 to the flagship Yamaha Genos.

  • So starting with internal memory, the PSR SX900 has 4GB, the SX700 has just 1GB
  • The Chord Looper is a fantastic new feature on the SX900, and this feature is not included on the SX700
  • The SX900 has a “screen out” option now, where you can use a standard cable to view the whole screen on a large display. This is ideal for Karaoke fans too, so that words from midi files can be seen on a large screen
  • The expansion Memory has been included for free too, so on the SX900 you’ll get a 1GB memory included. On the SX700, you get 400 megabytes included. You now also get some free content loaded from the country it is supplied from, so they’ll be some relevant packs pre-installed when we supply it to you.
  • There is now a microphone or guitar input on both the SX700 and The SX900. This means you could even plug in a guitar, and it will play through the speakers of the keyboard. For microphones, you’ll get the added benefits of vocal harmonies. These would be made up of the chords that you are playing.
  • There are 2 x USB ports on the SX900, and one on the SX700. This makes it so much easier loading in and transferring files between USB sticks
  • There are 2 extra “Sub Out” outputs on the SX900, which can be allocated to whatever you would like. These aren’t available on the SX700.
  • You can run 2 x Insert effects on the style section of the SX900, so you could add effects to what you are playing. You could do this perhaps by adding Compression to the drums, or adding distortion to the guitar in the style. This compares to no insert effects on the older models like the S975, where you couldn’t add any. These effects can make huge enhancements to your style section.
  • There are loads more voices on the SX900 compared to the SX700, in fact 351 more main voices and an extra 121 extra “Super Articulation” voices too (which are the more elaborate ones with extra effects depending on the way you play the keys and use the articulation buttons).
  • There are 125 extra styles on the SX900, giving you 525 in total. 6 of them are free play styles; compared to only 3 on the SX700

Comparing Yamaha SX900 to Yamaha Genos

The Yamaha SX900 is directly comparable to the flagship Yamaha Genos workstation, but there are still notable differences.

YouTube video

The Keyboard Itself

So first of all we will start off with the keyboard; the keyboard on the Genos is 76 notes, (6 1/4 Octaves) and on the SX900 It is a 61 note five octave keyboard.

Super Articulation 2

Super articulation 2 is another great feature which the Yamaha Genos gives you. This feature is not on the Yamaha SX900. The Super Articulation 2 means that you get some extra touch controls, and these are on sounds like Flugelhorn, Saxophone, Clarinet etc.

You will get more control with your play ability on this feature. With the SX900 you just get super articulation (which is still really good). You just miss a few of those really great sounds that the Genos has to offer you.

Assignable Buttons

Another simple difference between the Yamaha Genos and the SX900 is the assignable buttons; the ones that you can use to allocate a certain adjustment on the keyboard. There are seven on the Genos and just six on the SX900.

FSX Keyboard

The Genos also has what’s called an FSX keyboard. The keyboard is a great keyboard feel wise but it also has after touch. The SX900 doesn’t have the after touch.

Yamaha SX900 vs Genos | Storage

Storage is a big difference between the keyboards as well. On the Yamaha Genos you get 58 Gigabytes of memory, whereas on the SX900 you simply just have four Gigabytes. Expansion memories different too; on the Genos you have got 2GB expansion memory, and you have got just 1GB on the SX900.

Assignable Knobs

The Genos gives you six assignable knobs, and having these enables you to go through and change frequencies, part of your EQ, you can also change the resonance of the attack, and the decay of sounds. So you have got quite a lot of control.

You can have six at one time together, available to adjust on the on the panel. On the SX900 you only have two assignable knobs. This simply means that you have got a little bit less available to get the control as you’re playing the keyboard (without going into different menus to do so).

Internal Memory

The internal memory is 8GB on the Genos, and it is 4GB on the SX 900. Again, a big a memory capacity for the Genos and even more outputs too. There are 4 sub-outs which are the auxiliary outs on the Genos. On the SX900 there are just 2.

Revo Drums

The Genos is renowned for its fantastic drums, ‘the Revo drums’. They are drums which give you a different bar sound every time it goes through a sequence. Each bar, each snare drum sound or base drum sound is going to be slightly different. This is because a real drummer doesn’t sound exactly the same every time he hits the snare drum, each of these hits on the skin are going to make a little bit of a different sound.

Yamaha have actually made this part of the variations on the drum kit, so the Revo drums on the Genos are really clever. Now the way that they are wording it is that they’ve derived the new drums on the SX900 from the Revo Drum sounds, but it won’t give you the same variations that you’ve had on the Genos.

Yamaha SX900 vs Genos | Sounds

Finally the sounds of the Genos will be better. The DSP power is far more, the digital effects built into the sounds, the extra articulation sounds, the super articulation 2 voices, the Revo drums etc.

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The Genos overall is a better keyboard. The baby Genos (the SX900) is phenomenal for the price, for the touch screen, for the speakers etc. You will be so impressed with what it does. But I think the Genos will always have a place as the flagship model.

All in all the Genos is definitely the top keyboard in the range; it is a great instrument with loads of extra features. The Yamaha SX900 is a great baby brother and I would welcome you to try it and see for yourself.

The Yamaha SX700 still fares extremely well and holds its own against its competition. The Yamaha SX700 still provides a great introduction to what is essentially now a Genos bloodline, and if you find SX900 and Genos both out of reach, the SX700 is the model for you.

If you have any questions about the Yamaha SX900, SX700 or Yamaha Genos, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Chris Hammond Manager
Chris is the manager of ePianos.co.uk and the driving force behind the demonstration, comparison and review videos that we feature on our website. He is responsible for overseeing all areas of the sales and marketing team, with extensive product knowledge and many years of experience as a musician and composer.
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Yamaha SX900 vs Yamaha SX700 | Comparison & Review

  • Thanks for a good compare between Genos and Sx900. Even Sx700.

    I will probably buy an Genos in the future. It stands longer for my playing for a long time.
    Just wait for a better price or an used keyboard.

    Magnus Petersson

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