Yamaha P-515 | 5 things you need to know before you buy

Chris Hammond

First of all we’ve already done a full review which you can watch by clicking below. I want to show you the things you won’t necessarily catch in the brochure but are worth knowing before you buy…

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1. A single braced keyboard stand will be too unstable and wobbly.

Beware that if you plan to use one of the easily collapsable stands called X-stands (the ones that fold up like ironing boards) then avoid the single braced version as it is nowhere near stable enough. The single braced stands tend to be lower in price and we’ve seen packages/bundles offered by some ‘naughty’ shops that include these stands even though they are not adequate.

If you require the convenience of a stand that will fold up flat for storing away or putting in a vehicle then we recommend a double-braced stand (usually called a XX stand). This will hold the P515 nice and stable and will allow you to adjust the height whether you like playing sitting or standing.

Another type of stand available for the P515 is a nice looking fixed wooden frame called the L-515. This is not as easily collapsable but does turn the P515 into a much more stylish piece of furniture akin to a traditional piano.

2. It does not fit along the back seat of a typical car.

This is such an important thing to realise if you intend to travel with the P515 and take it out for live performances. Every single vehicle we’ve tried to fit this in width ways it ends up that it’s too wide and we can’t close the doors! So, what does this mean? It means that you probably have to put the piano in through the boot (or trunk for our American friends) and put the back seat down. During our tests and the many times we’ve helped our customers load them up, we’ve also had to push the front passenger seat forward too.

Note that if you are planning on collecting the P515 from a store then the fact it comes in a box makes things a bit more difficult as it is quite a big box. Naturally we offer our customer’s in this situation the opportunity to unbox the P515 if it’s a squeeze in their vehicle.

See our notes below for information on the dimensions.

The dimensions of the P515 piano are:

Width 1336mm (52-5/8″ )
Height 145mm (14-13/16″ )
Depth 376mm (5-11/16″)
Weight 22.0kg (48 lb, 8 oz)

The dimensions of the P515 including the box it comes in are:

Weight is 33kg, dimensions are 144 x 53 x 30

3. If you want the 3-pedal unit (LP-1) then you ARE REQUIRED to have the wooden stand (L-515).

In the box along with the piano itself, the music rest, power adaptor and the manual, comes a single sustain pedal. This pedal is very tough and durable and is different from the one that comes with the lower priced Yamaha P45 and P125. If you fancied adding the entire 3-pedal array (just like you’d get on a grand piano) then this is possible with the Yamaha LP-1 unit, however to use this 3-pedal unit you are required to also have the wooden stand (L-515) as it actually bolts on to the back of it.

4. It will sit comfortably on a flat surface.

If you don’t plan to use a stand at all e.g. you’re going to have the piano on a tabletop or desk, you’ll be pleased to hear that the piano is flat underneath and even has little rubber feet to protect the surface it’s standing on. Again another thoughtful addition from Yamaha. The rubber feet can be removed by the way and do not obstruct any of the stands we discussed previously.

5. There’s a really cool little sub-speaker that goes with it..

The speakers on the P515 are super and they really pack a punch. This is to be expected as it draws on Yamaha’s vast professional audio & speaker knowledge. But if you want to add something extra to fill a larger venue or cut through the hubbub of a crowed room, then there is a add-on for that: The Yamaha KS-SW100. This little 100w sub woofer is lightweight (8.5kg) and surprisingly affordable at only £165 (as of writing). We’ve run a number of tests and are really impressed with how it transforms the sound, particularly out front from the perspective of the audience.

For your info the KS-SW100 dimensions are: 291 x 292 x 341 mm. (11-1/2” x 11-1/2” x 13-3/8”)

And the main input is a single phono.

By the way, we offer a nice package called the ‘Live Performer Bundle’ that includes all of the aforementioned stands, pedal unit, and sub speaker.

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