Yamaha Genos Update 1.4 Available now

Chris Hammond

Note: Genos update 2.0 is coming very soon. Click here for the latest…

Yes, you heard correctly… the brand new Genos update 1.4 is now available and it’s definitely worth doing. Want to know exactly what’s changed? Keep reading…

Yamaha’s press release states: ‘… The Genos has always been a unique tool for performance and creativity, and we at Yamaha are constantly striving to find new ways for you to get the most out this versatile instrument. Update 1.4 offers you more control over the entire instrument, with player-friendly improvements that enhance the entire performance experience…’ 

So, what does it actually do? Well, once updated you’ll instantly notice a difference in the home screen layout design (as shown in picture left) which gives you additional visual tools to help you see the important aspects of your Genos performance without having to even press a button! Yamaha have cleverly picked variables that are often changed mid-set/mid-performance that, before version 1.4, were otherwise hidden from view when on the homescreen and this enhances the playing experience tenfold.

Here’s the full list of additions to the homescreen:

Displays the current position (bar/beat/tempo) in Style playback or MIDI Song playback.

Upper Octave/Transpose
Displays the amount that the upper octave value is shifted, and the amount of master transposition in semitone units

Song Area
Displays the information of Time Signature, Tempo, the current position of Song.

Style area
The current position of the section playback, Tempo Lock.

The new update now allows you to connect your Genos to an external monitor – meaning you can view lyrics, score or text on a larger screen.

Otherwise, all the other improvements are just making sure your Genos keeps running smoothly and efficiently.




If you want to watch Yamaha’s full video, I’ve linked it below:




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