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Yamaha CLP735 vs Yamaha CLP745

Yamaha CLP735 Review
Chris Hammond

With the Yamaha CLP735 and Yamaha CLP745 being the first of the highly anticipated CLP700 series from Yamaha, released Autumn 2020, people are eager to know what the differences are between the new models.

Yamaha no longer starts their CLP series with a CLPx25 – they’ve jumped straight to ‘735’, as the Arius models like the YDP164 and the YDPS54 were very similar to the CLP625 from the preceding CLP600 range.

YouTube video
David introduces the fantastic Yamaha CLP735

So – the Yamaha CLP735 is still a digital piano; you’ve got a nice speaker system, you’ve got 88 keys, you’ve got page holders to hold your pages open, and you’ve got a hook for your headphones. The CLP735 has 38 voices to choose from and it includes some new voices – the new samples of the Yamaha CFX Grand and also the Bosendorfer Imperial.

You also have some sounds really suitable for playing Chopin and Mozart, some older piano samples from original instruments, you’ve got a drum feature of rhythms that you can play along with 20 different drum patterns, you’ve also got bass lines that will automatically play along with the chords that you’re playing and you’ve got a metronome feature.

The CLP735 has plastic keys and the specification on this model is almost identical to the Baby Grand version; the CLP765GP.

When we move up to the next model, the Yamaha CLP745, we are going to have all of the same features again, but with a few additions. With the CLP745, we’re going to get wooden keys. This is the first big difference.

The wooden keys make the CLP745 a lot more tactile and a nicer instrument to play. You also get built-in Bluetooth MIDI too. On this model we’ve got two pairs of 50 watt speakers, we’ve got the wooden keys, and we’ve got the bluetooth. These features make a huge difference. Yamaha have put metal page holders on the piano now, rather than the plastic ones that were on the lower models. You have still got your headphone hook under the piano too.

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    Yamaha CLP745 | CLP Piano with Wooden Keys & Bluetooth

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    Yamaha CLP735 | Piano with Rhythms & LCD Display

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