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Why the Korg XE20 should be on your 2021 Christmas list

As Christmas approaches, we thought we’d offer you expert insight into the brilliant Korg XE20 digital keyboard, and why there is every reason to add it to your christmas list!

Why the Korg XE20 should be on your 2021 Christmas list
Isaac Stuart

As Christmas looms ever closer, perhaps you find yourself asking the question ‘What’s the best digital keyboard I can buy without spending a fortune?’ Well, if that sounds like you then look no further.

The Korg XE20 is not only one of the most popular digital keyboards on the market right now, but it won’t break your bank account either!

The Korg XE20 is a full size (88 note), fully weighted keyboard and so it feels just like you’re playing a traditional acoustic piano. The lowest keys are the heaviest and the keys gradually get lighter as you make your way up the keyboard.

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If you or your child is having piano lessons, this is going to be a really important factor when it comes to choosing the right instrument, and the teacher will tell you the same.

If you’re serious about learning to play, it’s definitely better to invest in something of higher quality early on, than play it safe (and cheaper) with a smaller, non-weighted keyboard; The touch of the instrument is just as important, if not more important than the sound itself!

Playing the Piano is all about muscle memory, and training your brain to know when you play hard and when you play soft… without weighted keys, you’re going to hinder your development somewhat.

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“I haven’t got space for a piano” I hear you shout. Well, not too worry… the Korg XE20 is just 34cm deep and weighs only 11.4 kg (without the music rest & optional stand) making it the perfect instrument if you’re tight for space, or looking for something portable.

The STB1 stand is an additional accessory, which makes for a more permanent addition to the instrument should you plan to keep it in one place but either way, it has a slimline finish and looks very stylish, with or without the stand.

If you’re after a keyboard with a little more pizazz than simply a great ‘piano’ then here’s another reason why the XE20 should be on your Christmas list: The style mode allows you to play along with your choice of 280 preset styles, ranging from pop and rock to jazz & blues, which will follow along with your playing seamlessly as if you’re jamming with your own band (they won’t make any mistakes either…!).

Korg XE20 Digital Piano Walkaround

Max gives us a close-up look all around the Korg EX-20 in our new 'Walkaround' Series

Not only that, but you can add introductions, breaks and endings all with the touch of a button.

All of these settings can then be saved using Korg’s very clever system called ‘Setlist’ which allows you to go back to any of your previous style setups in no time at all. How cool is that?

Other features include recording your own songs (using the aptly named ‘song’ mode…) which is a great feature for learners wanting to track their progress and listen back to their performances.

A clever way you can make the most out of the recording feature is to separate the left and right-hand parts of a song you’re learning, record one, play it back and focus on playing the other hand alongside it and vice versa. Very simple but very effective.

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