Unboxing the Yamaha E360

More Features, Better Price

In the showroom today, we’ve been unboxing one of Yamaha’s beginner keyboards, the E360. The E360 is one of Yamaha’s more affordable keyboards that is based around making learning to play accessible to everyone at a good price point without compromising on features.

It has 61 expressive touch-sensitive keys and comes with 400 high-quality voices built-in, as well as 130 auto-accompaniment styles which sets the keyboard up with sounds and voices that play well together automatically.

The E360 Keyboard also comes with a recording function so that you can layer different voices, record your playing, and play on top of your recording.

In the box is:
1x Yamaha E360
1x Music rest
1x Power cable
1x Manual

Take a look at the video below:


If you’re interested in purchasing the Yamaha E360, you can do so Here.

Perhaps you’re looking for something different? Take a look at our buying guide here which will help you find the right keyboard for you.


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