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Yamaha Genos – Peter Baartmans interviews – Episode #10

Max Humphrey
Jul 2021 | 155 views

Episode 10 is one you don’t want to miss! Here, Peter shows us how Yamaha’s ‘Super Articulation Voices’ work and what you can do with them. He shows off the ‘Super Articulation’ Saxophone voice and just how epic it sounds, with different settings and styles to accompany.

In this series, we will be sharing a new episode every Friday on the Yamaha Genos keyboard, starring Yamaha’s very own, Peter Baartmans! This is purely for your entertainment, enjoyment, and growth as a musician. We hope you enjoy it!

Peter is a world-renowned pianist and organist and is also Yamaha’s top keyboard specialist. So it was our absolute pleasure to have him in our showroom up in Newcastle to play our Yamaha Genos keyboard for us, and give us some insight and depth into just how great the keyboard really is!

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