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Weekly Tipsters Tip | Episode #3

Chris Hammond
Sep 2021 | 90 views

Episode 3 of our new series called the ‘Weekly Tipsters Tip’ is here❗️? This series will be packed full of bite-sized tips on things you may already know, things you may not, and things you didn’t even know were possible! – all on your favourite Arranger/ Composer keyboards such as the Genos, the Tyros, and the SX series keyboards ? ? This second tip is starring the Yamaha Genos keyboard, where Chris explains how to alter the brightness of the lights under the buttons on the keyboard – this can be very helpful if you are in a darker room, because you would want the lights on the keyboard to shine brighter, and visa versa. So make sure you check it out and LEAVE A COMMENT down below so we know how you found th video! Thank you Let us know how you found this episode in the comments below – Episode #4 coming next Tuesday! ?

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