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Your chance to own all of our DVDs in one complete collection. Over 8 hours of tutorial videos, tips and tricks and performances. Surely the ideal gift for the Tyros player in your life!

See below for DVD contents:

The Tyros Show – Episode 1:

Episode one includes:

Tyros Club Live – Tutorial session; (1hr 20mins)

Video highlights from our February meeting where special guest Mike Clark gives a talk about the ‘Circle of fifths’ a musical theory tool that is great for players that like to improvise or play by ear. Then Chris takes over and attempts to take the mystery out of using USB memory sticks with your Yamaha Tyros keyboard. He also gives some useful tips on managing files and folders. David finishes off with a detailed guide to making your own registrations, including one for the music to ‘The Godfather’ film. Both of the ‘Tipsters’ answer questions from the audience throughout the session.

Your Questions Answered – (30mins)

David and Chris answer the lastest questions that have been sent to them. In this edition they cover how to get a Leslie speaker effect using your pedal, how to adjust the style volumes, how to alter your split point, how to lock your rhythm speed when changing registrations and many more subjects.

BONUS CONTENT – Tyros Club members’s performances (42mins)

Some of our members take to the stage and perform their latest songs infront of the whole group. It is very interesting to see the other ways that Tyros users setup their keyboards and use them to perform. We have a wide range of musical tastes and playing styles in our group, so there is always something new to discover and you usually come away with ideas that you want to try at home.

Series 1:

1.    Introduction

2.    5 Reasons to buy from the Tyros Tipsters

3.    Play like a pro

4.    Using ‘Music finder’ (part 1)

5.    The ‘Break’ button

6.    Get a nice piano sound (Tyros 3 onwards)

7.    Our used keyboards

8.    Using registrations

9.    Pedals & foot switches (part 1)

10.    Using ‘Direct access’ button

11.    The “Sync-Start’ button

12.    EXCLUSIVE – Using Part selection

Series 2:

1.    Introduction

2.    5 Reasons to buy from the Tyros Tipsters

3.    Get a nice organ sound

4.    Hidden sounds

5.    Parameter lock

6.    Pitch bend & Harmony

7.    Our used keyboards

8.    Pedals & foot switches pt 2

9.    Using ‘Music finder’ pt 2

10.    Navigating menus (T3 onwards)

11.    Using USB memory sticks (T2 onwards)

12.    EXCLUSIVE – Editing voices

Series 3:

1.    Introduction

2.    5 Reasons to buy from the Tyros Tipsters

3.    The ‘Assign’ slider (T3 onwards)

4.    The ‘Channel’ button

5.    Using an iPad (T5 only)

6.    Firmware updates

7.    Our used keyboards

8.    Selecting voices

9.    Changing OTS

10.    Mixing sounds

11.    Saving blank registration batch

12.    EXCLUSIVE – Using Multi-Pads


NEW FOR 2018 – Tyros Tipsters DVD Series 4

David and Chris are back with a new compilation of tips and tricks for 2018 on the Yamaha Tyros keyboard. See below for the full listing of DVD series 4.

  1. How to save registrations to a USB memory stick
  2. Daniel Watt shows us the ensemble section
  3. How to make a blank set of registrations
  4. A few tips on setting up your speakers
  5. Are you using the Multi-Pads?
  6. How to make your intros and endings sound more professional
  7. Claim your FREE registrations – David’s Freeplay style settings
  8. How the part select section works
  9. Tips on recording – with special guest Daniel Watt
  10. Special guest Daniel Watt shows us around ‘Organ World’
  11. How to get a nice Glenn Miller orchestra sound

The majority of tips and tricks shown in this DVD are compatible with all of the Tyros models from Tyros 1 up to and including Tyros 5.

NEW FOR 2018 – Tyros Tipsters DVD Series 5

David and Chris are back with a new compilation of tips and tricks for 2018 on the Yamaha Tyros keyboard. See below for the full listing of DVD series 5.

  1. How to record manually
  2. Daniel Watt gives some tips on saving registrations
  3. How to use the Harmony/Echo
  4. How to put your name on your Yamaha Tyros
  5. “My music finder is scrambled”
  6. How to get a George Shearing piano sound
  7. “Why can’t I change the preset styles?”
  8. What are the ‘audio’ styles on Yamaha Tyros 5?
  9. “Where have my files gone?”
  10. How to do a quick recording
  11. Tyros Tipsters OUTTAKES – It doesn’t always go smoothly.

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