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5 BIG upgrades on the NEW Yamaha CVP809 | Is it worth upgrading?

The NEW Yamaha CVP809 with its complete package of improvements from CVP709 is simply the best sounding, and highest quality Yamaha Clavinova produced to date. Yamaha is at the cutting edge of digital piano technology, they are pioneering new features, techniques, and systems year on year. Not only to make their pianos sound great and also to make them easier to use. The CVP709 was launched in 2015. In digital piano technology terms that is a VERY long time ago! So, we are due a MAJOR upgrade with the NEW CVP809. Here are the top 5 BIG upgrades on the NEW CVP809.

1. The BACKING STYLES have come alive!

The first thing that struck me when hearing the NEW Yamaha CVP809 was how the backing styles have an ultra-realistic presence to them. The difference from the CVP709 is very noticeable. The accompaniments have been revolutionized on CVP809 because they’re using, for the first time, the REVO drums system as heard on the Flagship Genos keyboard. I won’t bore you with the details but, combined with the 335 NEW VOICES (from CVP709) and the more powerful amplifier/speaker combination, the effect is quite special! The backings now fizz and crackle like there is a live group sitting beside you, and you can almost feel the energy of the band members joining in with you. This alone is a MAJOR improvement from CVP709 and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I cannot overstate the importance of this change and the difference it makes to the sound. Come on down here and listen for yourself!

2. The sound quality of the NEW voices is wonderful!

There is an art to reproducing an authentic string, brass or woodwind sound from a piano keyboard. You, as the player, want to play as if you’re used to doing on piano keys, but you want to hear, for example, an orchestra sounding like it’s being conducted by Andra Rieu or James Last. This is NOT an easy thing to achieve and to put at your fingertips. But Yamaha are MASTERS at it and they do not rest, they are always making advancements in making you feel like you’re controlling a REAL band or REAL orchestra through the keys of the piano. There has been an addition of 335 HIGH-QUALITY voices from CVP709. That’s 465 more than CVP609. So this is a serious upgrade! Again the cutting edge technology that Yamaha introduced on the Genos keyboard is now found on the NEW CVP809. The NEW KINO strings being a notable inclusion, guitars, organs too, all the categories have received a BIG upgrade and combined with what I said about the backing styles this represents a MAJOR improvement on CVP709, and the earlier versions too.

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3. The piano itself feels amazing!

The improvements in the NEW CVP809 are not all to do with software and computers as we’ve discussed with the voices and styles. This MAJOR UPGRADE on CVP809 is to do with the hardware itself: The key mechanism is totally new. It is called the Yamaha GrandTouch keyboard and boy, does it feel fantastic. Particularly the black keys which are longer than on the CVP709, (it actually has the longest key in the digital piano marketplace.) making them easier to strike, and also the material which has this remarkably genuine wood grain effect on it. The BIG achievement with the NEW GrandTouch keyboard, is in capturing the difference between playing lightly and vigorously. I’m not talking just about how loud it sounds when doing this, but also how the note itself can be attacked. Play light as a feather and during the travel of the key you can feel the hammer creeping towards a gentle brush against a string, and you get just the response you’d expect when playing a traditional grand piano. Attack the note with power and the piano barks at you and resonates. I like to make analogies between playing the piano and painting. You notice within minutes of playing the NEW CVP809, that you have a whole new set of shades available in your palette and you can be more expressive in your playing than ever before.

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4. It is compatible with your smartphone, tablet and your TV!

Homes these days are often filled with all sorts of smart electronic devices, TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc. And with a few excellent NEW features on the CVP809, Yamaha has made it compatible with them, and it’s really fun! – Smart Pianist is a FREE app for your tablet or smartphone which, amongst other things, allows you to play along with your music collection (iTunes, etc) through the piano’s speakers, and will even show you the sheet music, including chords, to play along with! You can even ‘import’ the chords of your favourite song onto the piano and it will choose an appropriate style for you to perform it. How brilliant is that? (see our video on SmartPianist here). CVP809 has a Bluetooth audio capability. This means you can use it as a stand-alone wireless speaker system for playing music from your smartphone or tablet. A very useful function and a great idea for things like party/dinner background music, and remember with CVP809 you’ve actually got a pretty serious speaker/amplifier set up. So you can finally throw that old hi-fi away. You can connect the CVP809 to your regular television (assuming it has a HDMI input as most do now). This not only means that you can enlarge what’s on the screen of the piano, but you can also take advantage of the excellent built-in karaoke machine. By the way, another of the BIG upgrades is in the number of songs included as standard; there are 404 titles on CVP809 and only 124 on CVP709.

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5. The new design is absolutely gorgeous.

The most notable new design is borrowed from Yamaha’s world-class professional audio department who design and make top-quality hi-fi and speaker systems, namely a beautiful brushed aluminum fascia. The screen is instantly noticeable when you open up the lid and exudes quality, it’s even cool to the touch (if you like that sort of thing!). The controls on the front panel have been tweaked and although most of them are in the same place (a thoughtful habit of Yamaha’s design team) the panel buttons now have an integrated light rather than the little red one separately. Not a big change but one that has certainly neatened up the look. The Yamaha CVP series has featured a touch screen control since the CVP600 series launched in 2012. Generally touch screen designs and screen quality itself have improved vastly since then and on CVP805/809 we see Yamaha’s clearest, brightest and sharpest screen yet. Of course it’s all in colour and pleasingly the speed of the processor, and consequently how quickly it responds to your touch, now zips along as we’ve all become accustomed to seeing in the latest smartphones or tablets.

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments section below, email us here or give us a ring on this number. We deliver and install across the whole UK mainland. Why not come and try one in our showroom here in Banbury, near Oxford. We’re just off junction 11 of the M40 and we have free parking right outside.

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Chris is the manager of and the driving force behind the demonstration, comparison and review videos that we feature on our website. He is responsible for overseeing all areas of the sales and marketing team, with extensive product knowledge and many years of experience as a musician and composer.
  • Many years ago, I had a 309 & loved it. But I needed a portable keyboard. The 309 was sold to a “proper” pianist who loved the action. So that shows how good CVP ‘s were even then.
    I’ve heard 709 & 809 side by side & the latest model is clearly A SERIOUS upgrade!
    My guilty pleasure would be a white 809. So, if you do come across one, for goodness sake do (not) let me know!!

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