Songbook+ for the Yamaha Genos

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Songbook+ for the Yamaha Genos
Sam Baldry

What is Songbook+?

Songbook+ is a fantastic application which allows you to store and organise all your songs in one convenient place on your Apple iPad or iPhone; It is compatible with many Yamaha arranger keyboard models – most noticeably the Genos – and offers some brilliant features.

At its heart, it is an intuitive way of displaying sheet music and/or lyrics for all your songs, separate to the Genos screen. This is especially useful for live performance, as it gives you the freedom to adjust live controls and settings on the Genos without interfering with the music or lyrics.

But that’s just the start of what you can do with it.

Firstly, it allows you to import and view any notation/sheet music or lyrics for your songs whether you have them stored as a text, .pdf or .jpg format. You can even take a picture of your physical sheet music, which will then be loaded into the app! Along with this you can also import chords and chord sequences along with the lyrics, and even transpose them within the app should you wish to do so.

Secondly, you are able to link the songs you saved in the app to specific registrations on your Genos. You can then compile your songs into sets or ‘Books’ and let the app select the registrations automatically as it goes through the songs all on its own!

Songbook+ also gives you some great editing tools, allowing you to customise and alter your songs to suit your preference, whether it be changing text styles, adding annotations, removing specific sections, or even add images or pictures.

How do I connect it with my Genos?

There are a few different ways to connect Songbook+ for the Yamaha Genos, but the simplest is to connect wirelessly using the built-in wireless adapter in the Genos itself. I’ve done a quick step-by-step guide for you on how to do this below:

Step 1:

Turn on your Genos, and when it has fully loaded up, press the ‘Menu’ button twice (to take you to ‘Menu 2’). From this menu, select ‘Wireless LAN’.

Now take a look at the top of the screen. If you can see ‘Access Point Mode’ along the top, then you’re all set for the next step. However, if you see ‘Infrastructure Mode’, then press the ‘Mode’ button, at the bottom right of the screen – this should take you to Access Point Mode.

Step 2:

Now on your Apple iPad, go into the Settings app, and then go into ‘WiFi’. With the WiFi enabled, you should see the option to connect to a device named ‘ap-Genos-380000’ (or similar)

Once the status says, ‘connected’ then you should be all set up!

Where can I get it?

Songbook+ is available to download on the Apple App Store, although to access all the features, you would need to buy the full version (which is £48.99 upfront, or alternatively monthly payments of £1.79).

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Songbook+ for the Yamaha Genos

  • I’ve been using Songbook+ For quite a few years now with both my old Tyros 5 and now with my Genos, it’s a great tool to have. I have found that using the wifi with my iPad a little fussy (changing from various networks so I tend to use the “To Host” connector plugged directly to the iPad (a simple cheap adapter allows both the usb and power leads to connect to the iPad at the same time, so no draining of the iPad battery). This method also reduced drop outs when the wifi signal had any interference from other networks.

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