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Something a bit different – accordion meets Genos

Chris Hammond

In amongst all this fabulous technology, we occasionally find ourselves in possession of something from the relative dark ages! In this case, it was a Gabbanelli accordion and by sheer coincidence, we also had a visit from Tom, one of our regular customers, who plays one very well. So we just had to get them together and you can hear the results in our latest video newsletter (episode 2).

Tom also plays the Genos very well too and we’ve included a snippet of him playing in the video newsletter too. Tom is blind and when transferring from the Tyros 5 to Genos we had concerns about him being able to feel his way around, but with the use of something else low tech (blue tack) we found a working solution (see pic below).

Chris Hammond Manager
Chris is the manager of ePianos.co.uk and the driving force behind the demonstration, comparison and review videos that we feature on our website. He is responsible for overseeing all areas of the sales and marketing team, with extensive product knowledge and many years of experience as a musician and composer.

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