Should I upgrade to Yamaha Tyros 5?

Have you ever considered upgrading from a Yamaha Tyros 1, 2, 3 or 4? - David explains some of the best new features to be found on Yamaha Tyros 5 and why upgrading to this model has been so popular.

Chris Hammond

Hi everybody! David here. Hope everyone is doing well.

We’re slowly returning to normal here as staff have mostly all returned from working at home and we’re even able to offer visits to view/play our pianos keyboards and organs by appointment. (wearing masks of course!)

I wanted to share a video with you I made recently about upgrading to a Yamaha Tyros 5 keyboard.

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People who currently own one of the previous models like Yamaha Tyros 1, 2, 3 or 4 often have questions about extra functions and features that the Tyros 5 has over their current keyboards, so I wanted to talk about what I think are the best reasons to change and why so many people choose to do so.

By the way. Did you know that many people are changing to the new ‘mini Genos’ Yamaha SX900 instead? It’s really worth a look.

I hope that everybody has been using the past few months of being at home to get extra practice on your keyboards and pianos! It’s certainly been a testing time that’s for sure but having a piano and keyboard at home has just about got me through. The collaboration that many of you took part in was so much fun too! Thanks again to everyone who got involved!

That’s all for now – if you have any questions you can simply call us on 01295 266788 or email

Should I upgrade to Yamaha Tyros 5?

Watch David explaining the top reasons to upgrade to a Yamaha Tyros 5

Chris Hammond Manager
Chris is the manager of and the driving force behind the demonstration, comparison and review videos that we feature on our website. He is responsible for overseeing all areas of the sales and marketing team, with extensive product knowledge and many years of experience as a musician and composer.
  • You guys get me so confused at times. I was all set to go for a Tyros5 a few weeks ago , then you posted suggesting swapping Tyros 5 for the SX 900. STILL don’t know which way to go. Hoping to listen before I make a decision. Sadly there are no Tyros sx or Genos in the Newcastle area.
    Will keep in touch.
    Jim Swan

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