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Korg SP280 or P125? Which should I go for?

Wondering which fits the bill? Let me elaborate!

Korg SP280
Korg SP280 or P125? Which should I go for?

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It’s time for an upgrade on a budget, but there’s so much to pick from that it can be difficult to know where to start!

I need something strong and sturdy with a lot to offer… well allow me to introduce you to the Korg SP280 and the Yamaha P125. They both seem rather similar and it’s difficult to know the difference.

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So in this blog, I will compare and contrast each model’s specs in order for you to make an informed decision.

Firstly, both of these models have a similar price which means it’s purely the specs that set them apart from each other! Both models are extremely portable, this makes them both perfect for gigs or bedroom storage.

The Korg is the heavier option, weighing in at 19kg compared to the P125 (11.8kg). The reason the Korg weighs considerably more is that it’s a bigger keyboard! Much more bulky in look and this is all due to the speakers.

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The Korg completely dominates the Yamaha in terms of how powerful the speakers are, clocking in at 2 x 22W amplifiers; this is leaps and bounds over the p125 2 X 7W speakers. Louder the sound, the bigger the speaker, the bigger the keyboard.

Secondly, let’s talk voices. The Korg features 30 separate voices for you to pick and choose from, whereas the Yamaha only has 24. So if you’re wanting more sounds for your buck then the Korg is for you.

But what the Yamaha lacks in voices, it makes up for in Polyphony! Clocking in at 192 max poly! This means the Yamaha has so many more sound and harmonic combinations than the Korg. It does this by mixing and matching the voices already there in order to create a new sound.

Korg SP-280 Electric Piano | Features & Voices Review

Want to see them in action? Heres some videos featuring the models I have been talking about!

Yamaha P125 demonstration | Showroom Live highlights

Want to see them in action? Heres some videos featuring the models I have been talking about!

This does give the Yamaha an advantage as the number of combinations you could come up with is endless, resulting in you hardly noticing the lack of voices.

Lastly, I need to talk about what I think is the most important feature on any keyboard… The recording.

In simple terms, are you looking to record music often? If you said yes then the Yamaha P125 is the option for you. This is because the recording capability’s on the Korg SP280 are extremely limited.

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The SP only has a MIDI out meaning recording would be much more challenging in comparison to the Yamaha. The P125 has a 2 track transfer via USB! This makes recording a breeze with ease.

Just plug the USB into your computer and record directly with no middle steps. This makes the whole recording process much less fiddly and if it’s something you are doing often, then it’s a feature you will greatly appreciate.

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