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KEYBOARD CREATIVE | #3| Game of Thrones theme music on Yamaha Genos

It's an earworm this one... and boy does the Genos make it sound incredible!

Ok, I’ll admit it, I don’t watch GoT. But I can testify that you don’t need to watch it to have the theme tune burnt into your consciousness. I’m singing it when I’m washing up, when I’m in the shower, the car, everywhere! So naturally I had to see what I could cook up on the Genos. Luckily for me the programmers at Yamaha anticipated that someone might want to do this as there is a style setting called ‘TV Blockbuster’ which gets impressively close at mimicking Ramin Djawadi’s excellent theme tune.

I want to stress how hassle-free performing this piece of music was on the Genos. I literally pressed three buttons (inc Power On) to be at the stage where I could just play the Game of Thrones music. On selecting the ‘TV Blockbuster’ style the Genos has given me the ideal backing, tempo and instrumentation. All I had to do was play the right notes. And even this is made easy with the ‘Single Fingered Chords’ setting which requires very little musical ability because the chord is ‘auto-completed’ and I only need to use one finger to control the orchestra. Playing the melody of course requires a bit of practice! But the point is for an amateur the process of reproducing a epic TV soundtrack can be done in the press of a few buttons, without the need to hire an orchestra, and without too much musical ability. It’s as if you have a Blockbuster TV orchestra at your fingertips and I look forward to doing many more of these theme tunes. You can see the whole video below, I do the performance first and then talk through the set up afterwards. Bye for now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Chris where is the video that shows how to play GoT on Genos. You say “whole video down below” but I can’t find it. Thanks for your help on this one.

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