KEYBOARD CREATIVE | #1| Yamaha Genos

Any time I get a little time to experiment on the Genos I’m always struck by how versatile it is. It naturally has a lot of automatic settings to help the newcomer, but if you sidestep these and get into the guts of the machine’s capability you can really get the creative juices flowing.

In this video I got playing with the arpeggio and some of the filter/EQ settings, the results can be quite stunning and the really nice thing is the keyboard will do it’s best to let you experiment on the fly without making (too many) crushing musical mistakes. The overall experience is like using an keyboard-synthesiser but without the complexity.

Enjoy the video which we’ve intertwined with some lovely scenic royalty free footage! – Oh, and are you receiving our email newsletters? We send out a fortnightly summary of what we’ve been up to here at the store. If you’re not getting them just email us at and we’ll add you. Bye bye, Chris.

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