Is your Tyros 5 doing something strange?

How to do a 'soft reset' to fix those little problems...

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You’ve had a good nights sleep, a nutritious and delicious breakfast, you’ve taken the dog for a walk in the beautiful morning sunshine. Then you sit down to play your favourite tunes on your beloved Yamaha Tyros and something isn’t right…. the split-point has moved or the fingering style has gone astray, perhaps the pedal isn’t working properly. It is most certainly nothing you have done. It seems as if someone sneaked into your home overnight and fiddled with all the keyboard settings just to drive you mad!

This situation can cause many grey hairs to appear….and then be torn out in frustration! Finding the cause of the problem can be baffling and feel like a terrible waste of time. Luckily we have a very good remedy to this type of problem which doesn’t reauire any investigative work at all. It’s called a ‘soft reset’ and it’s a very VERY simple proceedure which usually fixes little problems like the ones described above without doing any damage to your keyboard settings. Don’t worry it will not delete things like registrations and songs etc as long as you do it properly.

See Chris’s video explaining exactly how to do it below.


Watch Chris's video where he demonstrates how to do a 'soft reset' on Tyros 5.

Ah! it’s so simple when you know how! – All it took was a bit of button pressing and fingers crossed you’re back up and running. You can now sit back down, replace the hair you’ve torn out, apologise to the dog for being grumpy and start playing. Hopefully this will be a useful tip for you to hold onto and use in future, it doesn’t take long and can fix all sorts of issues. Just don’t forget to make sure there is only that single tick in the box or you will be in danger of deleting precious things.

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