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Is the P45 a good beginner piano?

Help! I'm a beginner and I don't know what keyboard is best for me!..

Is the P45 a good beginner piano?

A question I seem to get a lot is ‘what piano will best suit a beginner?’ be it a child or even an adult looking to expand their skill set by learning piano. There is so much choice out there it can be hard to know the best product for you.

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Let me begin by saying that the Yamaha P45 is an excellent beginner piano. From the feel of the weighted keys to the sound; it is perfectly accommodating to someone who’s at the first step of their musical journey.

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There are so many things about the Yamaha P45 that adds to its greatness, the first being the price. It’s very affordable, you can be reassured that you have something at your fingertips that you know is good value for money.

Nobody wants to commit to spending a large amount of money on an instrument that you don’t even know how to play yet. Something that is full length (88 keys) and touch-sensitive is a good foundation to build upon, so I highly recommend this model.

Secondly, the P45 is extremely lightweight; weighing in at 11.5kg. It’s actually the lightest in the series which makes it absolutely perfect for children’s hands!

In addition to this, its dimensions are rather small (132.6 x 29.5 x 15.4 centimetres). This is great for easy storage when not in use. Simply slot under a bed, in cupboards, or anywhere else out of the way when not in use. Sometimes, having a piano permanently in one place isn’t a good thing; especially with today’s modern busy life.

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Thirdly, this digital keyboard is completely stripped down to its key essentials. Its simplistic form and slick design make this one of the easiest keyboards to navigate on the market.

When a piano has too many features, it can be overwhelming and almost too hard to comprehend. But this keyboard simplifies things so that your main focus is the playing, the music, the joy. Who needs fancy effects when you have just you and the keys?

One of my favourite features about this model is its ability to connect to the Yamaha Flowkey app. This app is perfect for beginners. I describe it as opening up your instrument to a completely new degree.

It unlocks features and hosts them in an easy-to-access place. It is designed to help you progress your learning which makes it a must-have for beginners. It has loads of sheet music to pick from as well as diagrams that help with finger placement.

Best of all… it’s FREE for 3 months when you purchase this instrument. Just enter the serial number of your keyboard on the Yamaha website in order to receive your personalised code. After that, simply enter it into the Flowkey app and you’re good to go.

Be you, adult or child, I strongly recommend the Yamaha P45 because whatever your intention may be; you can have faith in this model knowing it will deliver on everything you need to kick start your musical journey.

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