How to use Bluetooth with Yamaha CLP Digital Pianos

Sam Baldry

The ability to connect to your Yamaha CLP Clavinova via Bluetooth using a smart device is a brilliant asset to any player, allowing you to play music through the piano’s speakers, so you can play along to your favourite songs in high quality without having to worry about any awkward cables. It is also an ever-more important feature these days, with many modern smart devices having already ditched the traditional wired connection via the 3.5mm Audio Jack port.

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Bluetooth is supported on all Yamaha’s CLP700 models except for the CLP725 and CLP735. Please be aware that no Yamaha Digital Piano models (as of yet) support two-way Bluetooth audio pairing, which means that you can play music through the piano via a smart device, but you cannot play the piano through a Bluetooth speaker system.

It is also important to note that the Bluetooth function will not work with the Yamaha SmartPianist app, for this you will either need to use a cable or Yamaha’s UDWL01 Wireless LAN Adapter. Both of these methods are covered in This Blog.

How to use Bluetooth with Yamaha CLP pianos – Step 1

Make sure you turn the CLP’s volume down before connecting (as the speakers certainly pack a punch when you connect an external device).

If you have a CLP745 or the CLP765GP, hold down the Function button for at least three seconds after the piano has fully turned on.

If however, you have the 775, 785 or 795GP, there is a dedicated button denoted by the Bluetooth symbol, just above the ‘Bösendorfer‘ voice option on the control panel. Hold this down for at least three seconds after the piano is fully turned on

This is how the control panels show Bluetooth on Yamaha CLP pianos
A comparison between the control panels seen on the CLP series.

With all the CLP models, the message ‘Bluetooth Pairing‘ should then appear on the screen.

A screenshot of the Bluetooth pairing screen on a Yamaha CLP piano

How to use Bluetooth with Yamaha CLP pianos – Step 2

On your Smart Device which you want to connect with, turn on Bluetooth in settings, and choose the option to connect to a new device (this may differ slightly on what device you are using). Make sure the device is either on top of, or very near the piano.

The option to connect to either CLP-XXX AUDIO and CLP-XXX MIDI should appear in the nearby Bluetooth devices menu on your device. Select the AUDIO option and allow it to pair.

How to use Bluetooth with Yamaha CLP pianos – Step 3

After a few seconds, the ‘Bluetooth Pairing’ message on the CLP screen should disappear, at which point, you will be connected!

Now, any audio you play on your device will be outputted through the CLP’s speaker system. You can control the volume of the audio independently to the CLP itself using your device’s main volume adjustment, or control them together using the volume slider on the CLP.

How to use Bluetooth with Yamaha CLP pianos – Additional Notes

If the ‘Bluetooth Pairing’ message does not appear on the screen after Step 1, then make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the piano.

You can do this by pressing the function button repeatedly until you reach the ‘System’ menu screen. From here you can go into the Bluetooth settings (which will be the first option) using the arrow buttons, and switch it between on and off.

I hope you found this blog helpful. Take care, everyone!

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  • Hi,

    As you said clp-735 does not support bluetooth. 1.Not even with ”UDWL01 USB/wireless adaptor”?
    2. Which cable do we have to use to connect an iphone/ipad to the piano? Is it possible to connect macbook also?

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