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How to record to USB on the Yamaha DGX670

This is a very handy feature to know, especially if you would like to use your recordings to create music/ music videos, or even to put your music out on Spotify and the like…

Max Humphrey

So here’s the good news… it’s WAY simpler than you think! Follow these steps closely – or watch my video below.

  • Turn your DGX670 on
  • Plug your USB flash drive into the USB port located next to the right-hand speaker
  • Press the ‘USB AUDIO’ button located at the top right-hand side of all the buttons
  • Press the [2 up or down] button under the main screen to prepare the recording
  • Press the [3 up or down] button to start and stop the recording

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Now it will automatically be saved as a Wav. file, but if you’d like to change the files name, then press the [1 up or down] button under the screen, then press the [8 up or down] button to select file, then the [1 up or down] button again, then the [8 up or down] button to press okay, then change the name to whatever you’d like it to be, then press the [8 up] button to save your new name.

Now, if you disconnect the USB from the DGX and plug it into a computer, you will see all the Wav. files you recorded on the USB, ready for you to listen to. How simple was that?!

I thought I’d keep the blog short and sweet because that’s all it needs! And so many people don’t actually realise how simple this task is. So I hope now I’ve managed to clear the air a bit and help you understand how to use your DGX670 to a whole new level!

If you’re a Yamaha DGX670 owner and you’d like some more helpful tips and tricks, then I’d highly recommend watching my colleague Chris’s recent Livestream video on ePianosTV by clicking here.

Thanks to everybody for your kind comments on my other DGX670 videos. It’s such a versatile instrument and there is just so much to cover. Look out for more videos from us soon. Thanks, everybody! Bye-bye for now.

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