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How to change homepage shortcuts on Yamaha CVP809 & CVP805

This is a quick and easy way to place your regularly used options on the homepage

Chris Hammond

As players of the Yamaha Clavinova CVP809 will know there are plenty of options to tinker with, maybe too many some might say! At least you can’t say that Yamaha don’t cater for every conceivable want of their users and, bless them, they have made navigating around the various pages of settings within the piano remarkably easy with the brilliant touch-screen operating system.

However easy it may be to do this you can still take things a step further by adding your most regularly used options to the homepage of the piano. You’ll be familiar with how this looks as Yamaha have already added their own ones along the bottom of the screen. You can change these to show the ones that you personally use regularly. I explain how in the video below.

Isn’t that brilliant? – The way that you can easily customise the shortcuts is so useful and it’s not just the homepage shortcuts you can customise. You may have noticed the assignable buttons to the left of the screen too, these operate in a similar way as you can programme whatever you like into them for quick access, the only trouble is that you have to remember what you’ve programmed in as there is no visual display.

Well, I hope that was useful to you. I plan to be making more video guides like this soon covering lots of the other functions and features of the Yamaha CVP800 series pianos. If you would like us to cover a particular feature then just get in touch using the email address below.

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How to change homepage shortcuts on Yamaha CVP809 & CVP805

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