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Paddy’s story

I was born and reared in Portrush – a seaside town on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. Many years ago, when I was at primary school my mother suggested to my younger sister that she should take piano lessons. My sister, who apparently was not particularly interested in doing so, began the lessons. I […]

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Time to throw away your music books?

Have you ever needed several hands to turn pages of music whilst playing the keyboard? Do you need larger text and music notation to make it easier to see? Let me tell you about MobileSheets Pro app for Windows, iOS and Android that can help with this and many other problems. I have been using […]

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Well ‘ORGAN-ISED’ by Paul Cook

WELL ‘ORGAN-ISED’ ‘Ramblings from Home’ I remember my father’s grey column change Bedford Dormobile van swinging into Stonebridge Road one evening after his long day’s work at the council tip. You see, the song ‘My old man’s a Dustman’ has a very special connotation to me because my father drove the Bulldozer at the local […]

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Left Hand Chords by Paul Herrington

LEFT HAND ACMP ON ELECTRONIC KEYBOARDS (Playing Chords with Less Movement) UNDERSTANDING CHORD CONFIGURATIONS. You might find yourself looking at a melody with added chords above looking like this At this point it is worth pointing out that your keyboard ‘fingering type’ should be set to FINGERED on BASS (if you have that facility!) Let’s […]

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We’ve missed you! Book an in-store demonstration with us today.

Important Notes

In order to maximise ventilation, we are using our store foyer for demonstrations. The space restriction of our foyer area means that we are able to offer the demonstration of up to three upright digital pianos at any one time, so on booking, we will clarify with you which models you are interested in seeing and/or assist with your choices if necessary.

We are asking that, upon arrival, all customers (who are medically able to) wear a face mask for the duration of their visit. We will also provide sanitising hand gel which we will ask you to apply. The NHS Track and Trace scanning code will also be available.

Part-exchange / Sell

We offer competitive part-exchange values, and we also buy digital pianos, keyboards and organs for cash.

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