Time to throw away your music books?

"This set up works well and means I can play to my heart’s content without dropping a single sheet of music or having the pages flip back half way through a difficult score!"

Chris Hammond

Have you ever needed several hands to turn pages of music whilst playing the keyboard? Do you need larger text and music notation to make it easier to see?

Let me tell you about MobileSheets Pro app for Windows, iOS and Android that can help with this and many other problems.

I have been using MobileSheets Pro for some time now – I originally got it to get rid of the numerous sheets of music I used in a band. This was so successful that I converted all the band to tablets and prevented the usual problem of the bass player dropping his music halfway through a gig.

It also meant that I could make sure everyone was on the same page at the same time as the program allows you to link all the tablets and pass setlists to each one whilst controlling them all.

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When I use it with the Genos (it is now my main source of Sheet music) I have linked it so that I can call up the sheet music on the tablet and it will load the registration for that particular music.

It can also do the reverse ie load the registration on the Genos and it will call up the sheet music on the tablet. To do this it’s very simple all you have to do is tell the program that you are using a Genos and then plug in a USB cable from the tablet to the Genos.

When you wish to link a music sheet to a registration you edit the sheet on the tablet and scroll to the midi tab and then press link – that’s it.

The beauty of this is that if you make a setlist up on MobileSheets Pro then all the music and registrations are called up when needed. As my eyes are getting on now I tend to use the tablet in landscape for scores and also link another tablet to the first one via the ‘book’ command in the program.

This means that the pages turn one after the other on the two screens – much easier than turning pages in a book etc. To turn the pages I use a Bluetooth foot pedal (if using one tablet this pedal will scroll the music vertically).


You do not need an expensive tablet, when I was playing a lot of gigs I purchased a cheap tablet, as you can never tell if it’s going to be knocked over etc.

It cost me £80 some 5 years ago. It is used every day and is useful as it has a full-sized USB port and an HDMI port, which I use with an old monitor screen when I am teaching.

This setup works well and means I can play to my heart’s content without dropping a single sheet of music or having the pages flip back halfway through a difficult score! Hope this is of interest and if you have any questions just let me know.

My setup is: Genos – Fusion 5 tablet (main one) – Sony Xperia tablet (client) – Airturn Duo BT106

Chris Hammond Manager
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