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Connecting Your Apple iPad to your Yamaha P125

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Using the Yamaha smart pianist app is a brilliant way to learn piano as a beginner or for improving your skills as a seasoned player, but the process of connecting your iPad or iPhone to the keyboard can seem a little confusing at first.

This tutorial is here to help, and will take you through a step by step guide on connecting an apple device to your P125.

Step 1: The main thing which confuses users are the cables initially required to physically connect the device to the piano, as the way it is described on the app is rather baffling. To put it into simple terms, two cables are required, one which goes directly into your device, and another which goes directly into the piano.

If you have a newer apple device, which uses the thin, lighting power input, then the first cable you need is a Lighting to female USB cable, as shown below. This may also be referred to as a lighting to camera USB cable.

If however you use an older device with the wider, 30-pin power input, then you will instead need a 30-pin to female USB cable, as shown below.


The second cable you will need in order to connect to the piano is a USB type B, to a USB type A, as shown below.

Unfortunately, the P125 does not include either of these cables, but they are all readily available from amazon. Once you have the cables you need, you are ready to connect your device.

Step 2: Take the USB type A to type B cable, and plug it into the USB-to-host port in your P125 via the square connector. As you look at the back of the P125, all the relevant ports are on the right hand side, with the USB-to-host port being the leftmost one.

Then, connect the Apple device cable to the cable which is now plugged into your p125, via the USB connection. Finally, plug the end of the cable into your iPhone or iPad.

Step 3: Download the Yamaha SmartPianist App from the app store onto your device and open it up. You will be greeted by a yamaha logo, shortly followed by a piano in a virtual room in the middle of your screen, surrounded by a few peripheral options.

At the top left of this view, there will be a button consisting of three horizontal lines stacked on top of one another. When you select it a menu will appear; look at the bottom of the menu to an option labelled ‘Instrument’.



If you can’t see ‘P125’ in the available connections list, select ‘Start Connection Wizard’, and then select ‘Cable’.
(If you are looking to connect via Wifi, you will need a UDWL01 USB wireless LAN adapter:


Turn on your P125, making sure that no keys are pressed while it is powering up. Once it is turned on, select ‘Next’ for the next three prompts. This should then take you to a list in which an option ‘P125’ should appear. If so, select it, and the device will connect to the piano.

(If the list is blank, you can select the refresh option (a looping arrow next to the ‘close’ option at the top right of the screen), or select ‘Target Instrument is Not Found’, reconnect the cable, and then select ‘update’)

You should now be connected, enjoy using the Yamaha Smart Pianist App! Make sure to check out Isaac’s review on the app:

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