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Cat plays piano when he’s hungry.

Tabby now plays regular gig in owners kitchen....and other feline piano news.

In feline/piano news: It seems that cats have now evolved to the level of playing piano for their dinner. A (rather overweight looking) tabby called Winslow from Philadelphia, US, was given a small piano by it’s owner to discourage loud meowing and other strange noises it used to make for attention when hungry.

The cat’s owner said: “He used to run around screaming all the time and I was like, ‘this is no good’”. She is now treated to a mini concert instead of loud meowing when Winslow is feeling hungry. Winslow was a rescue cat adopted when he was only 8 weeks old. “He was scarred up, covered in dirt, we had to teach him how to eat dry food and he had a serious case of ringworm” the owner said.

Winslow has learned that dinner, snacks or simply affection follow him playing his little piano. (Which isn’t all that dissimilar from the lives of many semi-pro pianists that we know).

Cats and pianos seem to have been an online phenomenon in recent years, here are a few of our favourite examples:

And my personal favourite:

It’s surely just a matter of time until we here at ePianos are replaced by a highly trained team of cats. Until that time however we will continue keeping you up to date with the ever improving ability of cats around the world to play the piano.


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