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Can I use Bluetooth Headphones with my Yamaha Digital Piano?

May 24, 2021
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No, is the simple answer

As of yet, none of Yamaha’s Digital Piano, or Arranger Keyboard models allow you to connect a Bluetooth speaker system or wireless headphones. The reason for this is because there is a slight delay between a key being pressed, and the sound being outputted by a wireless speaker system or headphones, which can be slightly jarring when playing. This delay is often referred to as ‘audio latency’.

Many of Yamaha’s Clavinova models however, do support one-way Bluetooth audio pairing, which allows you to play music through the Clavinova’s built-in speakers system wirelessly from a smart device. This is a brilliant feature if you wanted to practice your favourite songs in high quality audio, but without the hassle of using any wires.

If you are desperate to use a wireless speaker system or Bluetooth headphones with your Yamaha digital piano or keyboard however, then it is possible with the use of an external Bluetooth transmitter/receiver setup. Using this method however, you will almost definitely experience the aforementioned audio latency when playing.

If you are looking to practice without disturbing others around you, then we would always recommend using wired headphones, not only for the almost zero latency when playing, but also for the technology Yamaha incorporates into many of their Digital Pianos to enhance the experience of using headphones, namely ‘Binaural Sampling’ and ‘Stereophonic Optimisation’.

The Booth #5 | Yamaha P-515 | A composer’s thoughts on this piano

The Yamaha P-515 portable piano sounds amazing with headphones. Isaac demonstrates in 'The Booth' here.

Binaural Sampling is a term Yamaha have used to refer to capturing samples of real grand pianos, using specialised microphones which are positioned where the players ears would be. This provides a more realistic playing experience when using headphones, as these microphones are able to capture the directionality and ‘natural diffusion’ of the sound from the piano, meaning that this can be recreated when listening to the samples through headphones. Currently only the CFX and Bosendorfer grand piano voices support Binaural Sampling.

In contrast Stereophonic Optimisation aims to replicate the effect of Binaural Sampling digitally, for all other present voices on the new Yamaha Clavinova Models, providing the player with a completely immersive experience when using headphones.

I hope this blog was helpful. Take care everyone.

Sam Baldry
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