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A 360° inspection of the Yamaha CLP-795GP

Yamaha CLP795GP - CLP-795GP Lid
Chris Hammond

Our mission is to become the UK’s most helpful piano shop. So I’m bringing you a close-up view of the Yamaha CLP-795GP. I’ll have all the angles that you won’t necessarily see in the brochures and websites – the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful parts included!

Yamaha CLP-795GP 360° Virtual Inspection

See all the angles in our 360° inspection of the Yamaha CLP-795GP

I start off at the front of the piano, which is designed to look identical to a ‘real’ Yamaha CFX concert grand. I do a 360 tour with the top (sometimes called ‘lid’) fully open and partially open and inspect the all-important hinges as they’re bearing quite a lot of mass.

The Yamaha CLP-795GP, just like its acoustic counterparts, uses a solid soundboard that is a considerable weight!

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You can see the wooden inlays on the weighted keys themselves, and also the wood grain effect on the black keys. Although it’s difficult to convey via video, I’ve tried to give you an idea of how the keys recoil when you’re playing quick passages.

The interior wood grain and speakers housing are something I’ve paid special attention to as they’re such a striking feature of the piano.

Yamaha CLP795GP - CLP-795GP Lifestyle

A purely cosmetic consideration are the logos on the piano, so I’ve covered those too. The most notable of which is the ‘Yamaha’ on the front of the piano facing you as you play. This is a nice touch as you will find this on Yamaha’s acoustic grand pianos too.

It’s worth noting that the ‘Yamaha Clavinova’ stickers on the sides of the piano do not come as standard. They were only added for this particular display model.

I’ve given good coverage to the underside of the piano including the 3 pedal unit and how it actually attaches to the piano. There is a unit beneath the piano that houses the pedal sockets and the power transformer.

The cables are very neatly dealt with using adhesive cable ties. It’s only that the power cable itself needs to be plugged into a mains socket that betrays the authenticity of this piano to the casual viewer.

Yamaha CLP795GP Polished White - CLP-795GPPWH

The legs, which have an offset tripod design, are tapered very nicely and end in an attractive metal taper, which is not present on the lower range CLP-765GP. The lid of the piano – in this case, I’m referring to the slide-out key cover – feels very sturdy and slides along a groove in and out. There is no soft-close action required as there really isn’t any significant distance for the lid to fall.

A thoughtful inclusion is that of a headphone hanger located under the left-hand side of the keyboard. There are two headphones sockets so two people can play at once without anyone else hearing. Ideal for practising duets.

I give a very close inspection of the inputs and outputs panel including the MIDI IN/OUT sockets and the USB outputs. This particular panel is neatly tucked away on the underside of the piano and not readily visible.

Yamaha CLP795GP - CLP-795GP Panel

I demonstrate the music rest in the up and down positions, inspect the hinges behind it and the felting that goes across the full length to aid in keeping your sheet music book open. I also show exactly what happens when you turn the piano on and which lights appear.

Lastly, I give a really good look at the touchpanel itself as it’s so crucial in operating this piano. I really like the way that the touch panel effectively disappears when you haven’t touched it in around 20 seconds.

It helps retain the authentic look of a traditional grand piano. As you’ll see, the touch panel is smartly designed and pretty minimalistic. It’s also very responsive and the system is easy to navigate.

Make sure you see my other videos on the Yamaha CLP-795GP on ePianosTV by clicking here. I cover common questions that we get about the piano, and also recorded a long playing session demonstrating the main piano sounds within it.

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