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5 things you need to know before buying Yamaha CLP635

Thing to know before buying Yamaha CLP635
Chris Hammond

Here are 5 things you need to know before you buy a Yamaha Clavinova CLP635.

1) It has plastic keys.
Although the weighted feel of the CLP635 action is very authentic, the keys themselves are plastic not wooden as you get on traditional pianos. The next model up, however, the Yamaha CLP645, does have wooden keys which brings it closer to traditional pianos.

The wooden keys, which are not as dense as plastic ones, give you more realistic feedback, particularly when playing quick passages.

2) It does NOT have a Bluetooth connection.
Were you looking forward to playing along with your music collection? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this (wirelessly at least) through the Yamaha CLP635 speakers, as there is no Bluetooth connectivity.

For this feature, you will need the next model up; the Yamaha CLP-645.

3) It comes flat packed
Believe it or not, this piano comes flat packed in a box and will require assembly. Don’t worry though, it’s really easy.

In fact, the main piano part is already built you simply need to screw the legs/base together and place the piano section on top. There are no complicated wires at all.

Just plug in the mains cable and a single wire to connect the top and bottom. 90% of people choose the self-assembly method, however, here at ePianos, we do have a full delivery and installation service available.

4) It has a USB audio recorder.
If you want to take a high-quality recording of yourself playing your Yamaha CLP635 and transfer it to a computer for mixing into music software or posting online, then the addition of a USB audio record is great news.

You can record onto the piano’s built-in memory as MIDI, insert a USB stick, and then transfer your MIDI recording to a .wav file. In simple terms; your recordings can be easily transferred off the piano onto a computer in a format that will playback on 99% of devices.

5) The polished ebony finish is more expensive
When you’re browsing through the Yamaha CLP Clavinova range don’t be fooled by the jump in price between the matte finishes (Black Walnut, Rosewood, White Ash, Dark Walnut, etc) and the Polished Ebony shiny black finish.

It’s usually around £200. The Polished Ebony finish is a seriously posh finish, as you’ll see particularly when looking close up at the edges of the piano. On the matte-finished you can clearly see the veneer join, however, on the PE finishes all the corners are perfectly smooth.

If you need any more help to decide then just contact the ePianos team by calling 01295 266788 or emailing sales@epianos.co.uk.

Also, check out our YouTube channel here for excellent demonstration, comparison and review videos here.

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Chris Hammond Manager
Chris is the manager of ePianos.co.uk and the driving force behind the demonstration, comparison and review videos that we feature on our website. He is responsible for overseeing all areas of the sales and marketing team, with extensive product knowledge and many years of experience as a musician and composer.

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