5 reasons to upgrade from a Yamaha Tyros 5 to a Yamaha SX900

5 reasons to upgrade from a Yamaha Tyros 5 to a Yamaha SX900

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Reason 1.

It’s much more affordable than changing to a Genos.

It’s more affordable than a Genos but shares many of the same features. People call it the ‘mini Genos’ for good reason and you might say it’s essentially a Genos with built in speakers instead of the separate 3 speaker system. You might ask yourself: Do I really need the separate speakers like I’ve had on my Tyros? What if they were built in, would that make a difference or save some space? (Note: you can actually add a specialised subwoofer if you wanted later)

The excellent new touch-screen control system is the same as you would find on a Genos keyboard. I’m sure many of you reading this are familiar with touch screen devices. You may even be reading this on an iPad or smartphone or some sort. The touch screen system on the Yamaha SX900 has proven very easy to get to grips with because it’s so clear and information can be more clearly displayed than on the old Tyros system which was a little like using a cashpoint machine with buttons around the edge of the screen.

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Reason 2.

It’s much smaller and lighter than your Tyros.

Tyros 5 (61) dimensions: 1140cm length – 450cm depth (front to back) – 142cm height – 14kg weight
SX-900 dimensions: 1017cm length – 431cm depth (front to back) – 139cm height – 11.5kg weight

If you travel with your keyboard you will find having built in speakers very helpful as there are no additional wires etc to carry with you.

The SX900 casing has actually been designed to make it easier to carry with speakers doubling as handholds on the sides. Even without using these it’s very easy to put it under your arm and pick up.

Reason 3.

You will have the latest Yamaha technology.

The SX900 is a massive 6 years newer than the Tyros 5! That’s a very long time in terms of keyboard and sound technology as things have really moved on. In fact, it’s nearly two years newer than the Genos and had some features that even Genos didn’t have.

The most striking difference between Tyros 5 and SX900 is when you hear the two being played next to each other. We have taken to saying here (perhaps a little unfairly) that the Tyros 5 sounds like a toy compared to the SX900. That’s not to say the Tyros 5 hasn’t been a fabulous keyboard, it’s more a sign of how quickly and how much technology is improving in making these instruments sound more realistic.

Reason 4.

You will already know how to use it.

Yes, even though it’s a new keyboard it has still evolved from the Yamaha Tyros and PSR keyboards. This means you will be very familiar with the terminology and systems. For example: Registrations, Voices, Multi-pads, One Touch Settings. These are all present on the SX900 keyboard and the physical buttons have remained roughly in the same place. So, most people who have upgraded from Tyros have found it very easy to adapt to the SX900. In fact we get many comments from people saying “I wish my Tyros had been this easy to use!”. Your Tyros registrations will easily transfer onto the SX900 too.

Reason 5.

It will freshen up your playing and make you feel great!

Because of the improved overall sound of the SX900, both in terms of the voices and speaker/amplifier systems, when you sit down to play your old favourite songs you’ll notice a new and brighter tone. Our first impression was of thinking we were listening to a CD being played, we thought the accompaniments sounded so lively and realistic!

Sometimes, when you’ve had the same keyboard for a long time, your playing can become repetitive and frankly a little stale. When you move to a new keyboard it gives everything a boost including your own enjoyment! Put this alongside the other reasons explained above and we think you’ll get a lot of satisfaction in changing from your Tyros to a SX900.

If you currently own a Yamaha Tyros 5 (61 or 76) with speakers and you’d like to upgrade to the new Yamaha SX900 ‘mini Genos’ it will only cost you £475. Changing to a Yamaha SX700 won’t cost you anything! – That’s right we’ll simply swap the keyboards over without any money to be paid.  (Prices accurate as of 11/8/20 – may be liable to change)

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