Yamaha Clavinova CLP675 Review

Yamaha Clavinova CLP675
Chris Hammond

Yamaha Clavinova CLP675 Compared & Reviewed

If you are considering the purchase of a Yamaha CLP675 Clavinova Piano then please read our review below.

The Yamaha CLP675 features Yamaha’s ‘Grand Touch’ key action, which is designed to perfectly replicate the delicate responsiveness of a Grand piano key action. The CLP675 is the first in the CLP600 series to feature the Grand Touch action, and as such has a superior feel to the models below it.


Grand Touch

The real difference is in how Grand Touch lets you create real contrast in your playing, as the keys are thoroughly responsive from the lightest touch up to the hardest stroke, with a subtle but defined change in how quickly the key returns depending on how hard it is depressed, and an equivalent response dynamically in volume. Grand Touch gives you more expressive range with each key, and in conjunction with wooden white keys (like you have on the CLP645), this key action really sets the CLP675 well ahead of the models before it.

How does the Yamaha CLP675 Clavinova Piano sound?

Quality of sound isn’t about volume – it’s about clarity and good reproduction across all frequencies. The Yamaha CLP675 Clavinova Piano features superior clarity throughout the audible range, due to its three-way speaker system. Bass frequencies are independently handled by a full length sub woofer artfully built-in to the frame of the piano, so more speakers are handling more frequencies with more clarity – which is a perfect combination when you’re looking for rich, expressive tone.

The CLP675 is capable of not only handling more volume, but also handling more range of sound, so you can enjoy a much richer reproduction of sound.

Yamaha CLP675 Clavinova Piano key points

As well as Grand Touch, the Yamaha CLP675 Clavinova Piano also features ‘linear-weighted’ keys. This means that every key gives you an accurate representation of the individual weight of a real Grand Piano key bed. On a Grand Piano keyboard the hammer length of each key is graded as you move from left to right up the keyboard, due the varying length of the key hammers, and the CLP675 reproduces this to provide maximum authenticity to your playing.

This is an advantage to the simpler ‘grouped’ grading you’ll experience with the preceding models in the range, and again sets the Yamaha CLP675 ahead in the range.

Technology in the Yamaha CLP675

The CLP675 features something called ‘GP Damper Response‘, and is the first in the CLP600 range to do so. Essentially, this gives you the ability to control the degree of sustain (how long a note sounds for) when playing to an incredibly accurate degree, which is something you would expect to be able to do on a traditional piano. This means the Yamaha CLP675 Clavinova Piano is the perfect instrument to accompany you into advanced grades, where you’ll be assessed on your expressive capability of your playing, as well as the notes you are playing. You will find many advanced pieces will call for ‘half-pedalling’, where you apply a restrained degree of sustain to your performance on certain notes or sections.

Bluetooth connectivity is built-in to the CLP675 (for ipad and compatible Android devices), allowing you to take advantage of Yamaha’s ever-expanding suite of apps.

The Yamaha CLP675 also features Yamaha’s flagship piano sounds – the Yamaha CFX concert grand and the Bösendorfer Imperial, alongside a huge range of other voices.

Yamaha CLP675 Clavinova Piano in summary:

Yamaha CLP-645Yamaha CLP-675
NWX KeyboardGrand Touch Keyboard
2 Way Speaker System3 Way Speaker System
Block Grading OnlyWeight Grading In Every Key
N/AGP Damper Response

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