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How to tweak your EQ of individual voices

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SX Series

Let's take a look at how to adjust the EQ levels on your instrument. This is possible on Digital Pianos & Keyboards.

For Genos and SX Series

Changing the EQ is a simple and effective way to increase or decrease the impact of each individual sound. EQ stands for equalisation. So think of it as evening out the master volume (eg waveform).

Step 1 – Press the menu button located to the left of the touch screen.

Step 2 – Insure that ‘menu1’ is highlighted white.

Step 3 – Press the “Mixer” option located to the top left hand side of the menu.

Step 4 – Press the ‘EQ’ option located to the to the left of the screen. You will know you have selected it when it highlights green.

step 5 – The channel for voices is labeled Right1, Right2, and Right3.

Step 6 – You will see two knobs located in the corresponding channel. One labeled ‘High’ and one labeled ‘Low’.

High – This will boost the high end of the voice. This contains the more musical/ harmonic elements of the voice.

Low – This will increase the bass side of the voice, casing the frequency to vibrate faster.

Turning the knobs left will decrease the EQ, turning them right will increase it. You can move the knobs by pressing the desired one, an orange box will highlight it when selected. Then move the big wheel in the direction you want, located to the right of the touch screen.




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