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How to record the easy way!

Yamaha Genos
Yamaha SX900 - PSR-SX900
SX Series

For Genos and SX Series

Step 1: Locate the button labelled ‘Recording’ on the top left of the keyboards hardware, right next to the power button and press!

Step 2: Click the option ‘Quick Recording’

Step 3: Push the option labelled ‘Play/ Pause’

Step 4: Play your song with any elements you deem fit!

Step 5: Press the button labelled ‘Stop’ to end and finalise the recording!

Step 6: Press the save button located to the top right of the touch screen!

Step 7: Pick a spot where you want to save your file, and hit the button labelled ‘save here’

Step 8: Make sure to give your recording a catchy and memorable name!

Step 9: To playback, your new recording, locate the button labelled ‘Player’. This is found directly above the recording button we pushed earlier.

Step 10: locate the song from the menu and select it and then push play

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