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How to do a ‘soft’ factory reset on your keyboard

Yamaha Genos
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Tyros Keyboards
Yamaha Genos 76 Key & Yamaha GNS MS01 Speakers
Yamaha Keyboards

Sometimes, strange things can happen on your keyboard and you just want to reset it to how it was previously! There is a really simple way to do this called a 'soft reset'. And, done correctly, it has the advantage of not deleting any of your precious files. The 'soft reset' is a handy way to fix all sorts of little niggling issues and get playing again.

For Genos, SX Series, Tyros Keyboards and Yamaha Keyboards

Step 1

Make sure your keyboard is powered off.

Step 2

Hold down the key that is furthest to the right.

Step 3

Keep holding the key as the power comes back on

Step 4

When the keyboard has fully loaded up you can release the key. That is the soft reset complete. Get playing, and hopefully, your issue has been resolved.


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