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How to disable “touch” sensitivity

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Yamaha SX900 / SX-900
SX Series

Here is how to turn off the 'touch' sensitivity on your keys.

For Genos and SX Series

Step 1 – Press the ‘Menu’ button located to the right hand side of the screen.

Step 2 – Insure that ‘Menu2’ is highlighted white at the top right hand side of the screen.

Step 3 – Locate the option labeled ‘Keyboard/ Joystick’ and press it.

Step 4 – Press the option “Keyboard’ to the left of the screen. You will know you have done this when it is highlighted green.

Step 5 – You’ll see an option labeled “Initial Touch” on the screen. Underneath there are four boxes labeled Left, Right1, Right2, and Right3. These reference the voices you have active. Most of time you will want to untick ‘Right1’ as that is the main active voice. But it is possible disable the “Initial Touch” for other voices independently, not just the main one.

Push the box until the green tick disappears. This is what deactivated the ‘Touch” sensitivity on the keyboard. Once done, simply close the menu and the process will have been complete.

Alternatively there is a faster, less clunky way to achieve the same action.

Step 1 – Located the ‘Direct access’ button found to the left hand side of the screen. Give it a push. This activates a sort of short cut where you press any button in relation to what to want to change, and it will take you directly to the appropriate menu. In this case we want to move the joystick that features modulation and pitch bend.


Step 2 – This takes us to the same menu as before. Now just do the steps 4 to 5 to disable the touch sensitive keys.


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