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ePianos Support > How to connect your Digital Piano to an external monitor or TV

How to connect your Digital Piano to an external monitor or TV

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Yamaha SX900 / SX-900
SX Series

If you've ever struggled with using the Yamaha Genos' small screen, then you're in luck! This tutorial will explain how to output what's showing on your Genos onto a larger, external screen like your TV or computer monitor.

For Genos and SX Series

Step 1.

The first step is to determine what input your screen has, namely, whether it uses HDMI, or the older VGA style ports (or in some cases, both). Below are images of what these look like. Where the input ports are would depend on the monitor/screen you are using, but generally they are found on the back.

HDMI Port                                                 VGA Port

(If your monitor/screen has both input types, then I would recommend ignoring the VGA port and following the instructions for HDMI, as HDMI accessories are generally cheaper, and will be faster.)

Step 2.

To connect the Genos to the screen you will need at least two accessories.

For screens which use HDMI, you will need:

  • A USB to HDMI adapter
  • A Standard HDMI cable long enough to reach the screen

A USB to HDMI Adapter                                             An HDMI Cable

For screens which use VGA, you will need:

  • A USB to VGA adapter
  • A Standard VGA cable long enough to reach the screen

A USB to VGA Adapter                                                 A VGA Cable

We do not sell these accessories ourselves, but you can find them readily available online.

Step 3

Turn off your Genos, and plug the USB end of the VGA / HDMI adapter into the USB to device port around the back of the Genos.

Now, plug one end of the the VGA / HDMI cable into the adaptor, and the other end into your monitor. Make sure all the cables are all plugged in fully, with no loose connections.

Make sure there are no loose connections between the Genos and Screen

Step 4

Once everything is connected, turn on your screen, and make sure the correct input is selected (most screens/monitors will do this automatically).

Now, turn on your Genos. Once it has fully powered up, you should see the contents on the touchscreen showing on your external screen/monitor. You can choose whether you want to mirror what is showing on your Genos screen, or whether you’d like the lyrics of your selected song to display. Doing the latter is ideal for karaoke parties! 

You can choose the display content that is to be output via MENU > Utility > Speaker/Connectivity.

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