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Genos 2.0 Firmware Installation Part 2 (Free Styles & Voices)

In addition to all the new updates to your Genos in the Version 2.0 Firmware upgrade, you can benefit from 68 extra voices and 50 extra styles which are available free to be installed into your keyboard. These weren’t actually included in the files you have already loaded into your instrument in the main version 2.0 upgrade

With this in mind, here are the instructions for uploading them into your Genos.

Now due to the types of files these are, they need to be installed into the expansion memory of your keyboard. If you already have voices or styles in the expansion memory that you have bought from Yamaha or elsewhere the loading procedure will be different to if you haven’t any already.

Link One- for those of you who have not already bought extra styles or voices for your Genos-

(such as Yamaha Music soft, TTT- Reg Rawlings or from other suppliers)

Follow the direct download link below, for a file called “GENOS V2.0 SUPERIOR PACK”.

Click Here

Now open the file by double clicking on the files name and it will open up to give you 3 files 

You will need the version ending in dot cpi “Genos_PackInstalldata.cpi”

Insert your USB stick into your computer, right Click the file with your mouse and then choose “copy” and then select the USB stick you want it be transferred to in the left margin and then right click and choose “paste”

To load this into your keyboard – transfer the USB stick to your Genos and then you need to go to your “Menu” button on the right-hand side of your keyboard
Then select “Menu 2” on the screen, then select “EXPANSION” at the bottom of the screen.

You will need to select pack installation, then find your USB stick from the boxes on the left of the screen and select the file “Genos_PackInstalldata.cpi” and load it up.

This will mean that all the new voices and styles will be found in the newly created “expansion” box on the left of the voice screen.

For Genos models that HAVE already had content purchased and added from Yamaha Music soft or other suppliers of extra voices or styles

Below is a link for a new version of expansion manager (v2.6.0) which you will need to use to upload the new voices and styles alongside your old ones:

Click Here

Once loaded you will be able to use this program on your computer to amalgamate all the new voices and styles with the ones that you uploaded last time.

First, you will need to upload your Genos’s unique “instrument Info” from your keyboard.
Insert a memory stick into your Genos and go to the “expansion” button at the bottom of Menu 2 of your Genos.
Select the “Export Instrument Info” This will load it into your USB stick.

…..Back to your computer

Back to Expansion Manager on your computer

Insert your USB with your Genos’s unique instrument info into your Computer.

In expansion Manager select “Install Target” on the left and then import instrument info.
find the USB stick and select the correct file; It will be something like “Genos_InstrumentInfo.n27”

If you select the “plus” at the top and in the middle of the expansion manager page, select import pack, then select the file “GenosV2.0SuperiorPack.cpf” which contains all the new voices and styles. This will add them into expansion manager and allow them to be mixed with your original ones to make a file to export them in

Now add all the files of other voices and Styles you already own, these may already be on your desktop, or they may be in your Yamaha Music soft account online

Finally, you need to re-affirm that your Genos is the target, so click on the word Genos on the left of your computer screen and a green tick will appear on the pack’s logo.

Now go to the top of the page and select “save as pack install File” which will send the file to your USB stick you’ll be able to export the final file by selecting “USB Disk” under “computer” on the left-hand margin of the screen- or whatever you have named your stick and the file will go into your USB stick allowing you to transfer it to your Genos.

…..Back to your Genos

Ok, so back on your Genos, Go to MENU 2, select Expansion and go to “PACK INSTALLATION”.

Find the “Genos_PackInstallData” and select it.

It will explain that this will delete all previously installed Expansion Pack files
Then once confirmed, the installation will begin.

Once installed, you will need to restart the keyboard and all will be completed.

Finding your new Files

All your new voices can be found in the voice section of your Genos, once there you can select “USER” from the left-hand side of the screen and then select EXPANSION

All your new styles can be found in the style section of your Genos, once there you can select “USER” from the left-hand side of the screen and then select EXPANSION

Voices & Styles you gain

To view the full list of new voices and Styles you will have gained  Click Here

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