Yes! You read correctly – ePianos have a clearance sale on all our YDP143’s and YDP163’s (only Black and Rosewood colours left) and we have very limited stock. If you’re a beginner, student or simply looking for a digital piano that won’t break the bank then you should definitely consider one of Yamaha’s YDP range.

Both the YDP-143 and YDP-163 are affordable and offer a good quality sound and touch, giving you an authentic piano playing experience for a reasonable price. The sound you hear is just like a grand piano and the keys are touch sensitive and weighted so it’ll not only sound like you’re playing a traditional piano but it’ll feel like one too!

Of course, being ‘digital’ means you don’t have to tune them; Simply plug it and away you go. Absolutely no maintenance required. You can also plug headphones in (so you won’t disturb the neighbours) and both the 143 and 163 can be plugged into a computer/laptop via MIDI, enabling you to use the instrument with music software (Sibelius, Garageband, Logic etc)

The other great thing about the YDP series is they look good!  When buying an instrument, it is often a case of ‘does it look nice in the living room?’ and more often than not clunky keyboards just don’t hit the mark in the ‘looks’ department. However, the YDP range has been designed to have a traditional upright piano look, making it aesthetically pleasing as well as musically!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of our clearance YDP stock, you can view them all by clicking here.

As always, if you have any questions please get in touch. Call us on 01295 266 788 or alternatively email us on sales@epianos.co.uk and one of our team will be happy to help.

If you want to learn a little bit more about the YDP series – check out our youtube video below:

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