Yamaha P145 | 88-Note Graded Piano with Yamaha CFX Voicing

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Yamaha P145 | 88-Note Graded Piano with Yamaha CFX Voicing

Includes: Yamaha FC5 pedal | 2-Year Warranty | FREE (UK Mainland) Delivery


Includes: Yamaha FC5 pedal | 2-Year Warranty | FREE (UK Mainland) Delivery

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GTIN 4957812679145

The Yamaha P145 is a piano for players around the world who want the comfortable feel of an acoustic piano in an instrument with a more manageable size and weight.

Introducing the Yamaha P145 & Yamaha P225

Compared to their predecessors, the P-225 and P-145 feature a much shorter and thinner body design with a compact style. This model looks beautiful from any angle and enhances any room.

To achieve a smaller product chassis, we developed the new GHC (GradedHammer Compact) keyboard (88 keys), which is built to uncompromising standards and offers the same weighted acoustic piano-like playing feel as the GHS(Graded Hammer Standard) keys used in previous models in the P Series.

In addition, the P-225 features the sound of Yamaha’s flagship concert grand piano, the CFX, and this model uses Virtual Resonance Modeling(VRM) Lite technology to replicate the expressive moment-by-moment tonal changes that occur in a real grand piano

Yamaha P145 & P225 Highlights

  • Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard action with matte finish of black keys
  • High-quality piano voice: Yamaha CFX with Virtual Resonance Modeling lite (VRM lite) in P-225
  • Yamaha CFIIIs with Damper Resonance in P-145
  • Voices:24 Voices incl. Dual, Split and Duo modes in P-225
  • 10 Voices incl. Dual and Duomode in P-145
  • 192-note polyphony in P-225 /64-note polyphony in P-145
  • 4 Reverb types; Sound BoostWall EQ and IAC (P-225 only)
  • 2-track on-board recording(P-225 only) 303 lesson songs available via Smart Pianist app
  • Bluetooth®Audio (P-225 only)
  • USB-to-Host MIDI & AudioSmart Pianist app / Rec’n’Shareapp connectivity
  • 7 W + 7 W Amplifiers
  • Speakers:(Oval (12 cm × 8 cm) + 5 cm) x 2(P-225)Oval (12 cm × 8cm) x 2 (P-145)
  • Both compatible with stand and 3-pedal-unit

Yamaha P145 Key Features

One of the main concerns for piano players when purchasing a digital piano is related to the feel of the keyboard when they play. Some of the things that players are specifically concerned with include whether they can feel the weight of the keys in their fingers as with a weighted acoustic piano keyboard; will the keyboard respond accurately when they play quicker passages; are there any inconsistencies between how hard they play the keys and the sound that results; does the keyboard offer a sufficient soft-to-loud dynamic range.

The GHS keyboards used in the P-series thus far have received high praise from customers for the excellent balance and ease of playing that was mentioned above. The newly developed and more compact GHC keyboard on the new P-series reproduces the playing comfort of its predecessors in every way. Further, the keyboard unit is more compact than previous models, while offering an outstanding playing feel.

Both models feature the sound of a Yamaha full concert grand: The P-225 gives you the sound of Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand, with shimmering highs and powerful lows. While in the P-145, it’s the CFIIIS which is the origin of Yamaha’s premier concert grand pianos.

The P-225 is equipped with Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Lite, a digital technology that realistically reproduces the complex resonance produced by the strings of a grand piano, changing each time according to how the keys are pressed. You can enjoy the sound of a concert grand that’s played and loved by renowned pianists, along with its infinitely realistic resonance.

The P-145 features a damper resonance function that reproduces the rich resonance sound you hear when pressing the damper pedal, for an even fuller sound.

Yamaha P145 Sound

The position and angle of the speakers on both the P-225 and P-145 have been adjusted to replicate the sounds reflected from the soundboard and lid of an acoustic grand piano as closely as possible. These adjustments let you enjoy playing with sharp and clear mid- to high-range tones and a prominent low-end for a well-balanced sound, even when the piano is set up against a wall.

The P-225 features even a two-way speaker system that delivers expansive sound. Thanks to the Sound Boost function, you can switch to a more punchy and powerful sound.

More Features

The P-225 and P-145 come with preset songs, including demo songs that are appropriate for each Voice. In addition, the Smart Pianist app comes with PDF scores which include 303 classical pieces for practice, such as Bayer, Burgmüller, Czerny, Hanon, and more, which you can access for free and use on the screen of your smart device.

If you want to listen to your playing objectively or to practice only your right hand along with what you play in your left hand, the onboard recording function of the P-225 is just what you need. For both models, recordings can also be done using the Smart Pianist app. If you want to take a video of your performance and share it on platforms such as YouTube or TikTok, Rec’n’Share is the way to go. Connect the P-225 or P-145 to your smart device, and record both video and audio at the same time to complete your video.

P145 & P225 Specifications

MODEL NAME P-225 P-145
Dimensions Width x Height 1,326 mm x 129 mm
Depth 272 mm 268 mm
Weight 11.5 kg 11.1 kg
Keyboard Type, Number of Keys Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard with 88 keys and matte black keytops, 88
Tone Generation Tone Generating Technology Yamaha CFX Yamaha CFIIIS
Piano Effect Type Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite) Damper Resonance
Key-Off Samples Yes
Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 192 64
Preset Number of Voices 24 10
Types Reverb 4 types
Functions Dual Yes
Split Yes No
Duo Mode Yes
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) Yes No
Additional Effects Wall EQ / Stereophonic Optimizer / Sound Boost (2 types) Sound Boost (1 type)
Preset Number of Preset Songs 50 Classic Preset Songs, 303 Lesson Songs (via Smart Pianist App)
Rhythm Number of Rhythms 20
Recording Number of Songs 1
Number of Tracks 2
Overall Controls (FlashROM Memory, Bluetooth® Audio) Yes No
Connectivity DC IN 12V
Headphones 2x Standard stereo phone jack (PHONES/OUTPUT) 1x Standard stereo phone jack (PHONES/OUTPUT)
Sustain Pedal Yes
Pedal Unit Yes (LP-1) Yes (LP-5A)
Amplifiers 7 W × 2
Speakers (Oval (12 cm×8 cm) + 5 cm) x 2 Oval (12 cm × 8cm) x 2
Power Supply PA-150B or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha (Output: DC 12 V, 1.5 A)
Power Consumption 9 W (When using PA-150B AC adaptor) 6 W (When using PA-150B adaptor)
Auto Power Off Yes
Optional Accessories Headphones (HPH-150, HPH-100, HPH-50),
Pedal unit (LP-1)*, Foot pedal (FC3A), Footswitch (FC4A, FC5), Wireless Bluetooth MIDI adaptor (UD-BT01)
* Only in combination with the L-200 stand.
Headphones (HPH-150, HPH-100, HPH-50),
Pedal board (LP-5A)*, Foot pedal (FC3A), Footswitch (FC4A, FC5), Wireless Bluetooth MIDI adaptor (UD-BT01)
* Only in combination with the L-100 stand.
Optional Stands L-200B / L-200WH L-100B
Bags SC-KB851 for P-225 and P-145
  Owner’s Manual, Online Member Product Registration, Music rest, Footswitch, AC adaptor
Weight 6398235 kg
Dimensions 639834311 × 63983310 cm